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My dog is pooping liquid bloody poop and has been vomiting.

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My dog is pooping liquid bloody poop and has been vomiting. I'm not sure what to do.
Hello,I would love to help I just have a few additional questions.Each answer is typed individually so please allow me a few minutes after your reply.

Is this straight blood or bloody stool?

Did your vet do any blood work or fecal samples?

What color are his gums?

Any chance he got into anything toxic like rat poison?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


It's a bit of a mix of both. But more blood than stool and is all liquid


The vet didn't do any blood work.


His gums seen the normal soft pink color they usually are


I don't think there is a chance they got into rat poison. However, we live in North Lake Tahoe and we walk the dogs on the trails in the National Forest that backs up to our house. We let them off leesh while we are walking them so it's not a stretch to think they got into something but I doubt there would be poison out there. There aren't homes in the forest. It's just odd because Lenny has been fine up until an hour ago.

Thank you for the additional information

There are several causes for blood diarrhea . I do not suspect there would be things like rat poison in the woods but things like some plants and wild mushrooms can be toxic as well.

It is also possible you are dealing with some type of parasite not just worms but coccidia or giardia which are microscopic parasites .
Click here for more on this

HGE is also possible. This condition does have a sudden onset of vomiting and bloody diarrhea
Click here for additional infomration

If he is acting ok, I would give Pepcid AC to calm the stomach and with hold all food and water. If the diarrhea becomes worse or it becomes all blood he should be seen tonight . If he does ok tonight I would give your vet a call in the morning and have him seen . I would ask that a stool sample be set to the lab. It is very important that they send it out and not do it in house . Too often things like coccidia and giardia is missed when done in house as well as more then 80% or whip worm cases .They may also want to do a bacteria panel as well to look for things like salmonella, and ecoli and other bacterias.

Just try to keep him quiet for the night. If he has no additional vomiting you can offer water in the AM if he holds it down then offer a few spoons of boiled chicken .

I hope he does ok, please reply back if you have additional questions
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