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The lump is oozing bloody puss. And we believe it may be sitting

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The lump is oozing bloody puss. And we believe it may be sitting on a nreve, and is causing difficulties



Welcome to Just Answer. I'm sorry to hear about this situation with your girl. Where is this lump at? How long has it been present?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My 8 yr old great dane who has addisons disease. She developed a small spongy like lump on her right hind quarter, that we have drained a few times, and has grown back, but has gotten bigger now, and when we attempted to drain it, it bled, and it was pussy. She appeared in pain, and tonight has trouble walking. What should I do.
Is this area of drainage near where she gets her percorten (the monthly injections for her addison's disease) injections? Has your vet evaluated / seen this area on their exams?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She usually gets her shot in the rear rt or lft leg. Only once on the back, but not that site. The vet has somewhat evaled the area, and it was decided that it was more a subacious cyst.
Ok. I too would be suspicious that this could be a sebaceous cyst or some other growth that is irritating the tissues in that region. This is a situation that most likely will be a persistent one until the material / tissue that is irritating that region is removed. Honestly, excising the unhealthy tissue by surgery will give the opportunity to resolve it and it will also give confirmation as to what it is. It has a chance of being something cancerous that may be identified this way. At that point, depending on what it is, then treatment options will be given.
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