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my min pin is only four months old and she just had a seizure

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my min pin is only four months old and she just had a seizure while lying on our bed. She is shaking now. She doesn't seem bloated or anything. She curled up by the fire place earlier in the evening. What signs should we look for. I feed her these lil doggy treats from walmart today that had yogurt coating on them. she seems sleepy now and shaky

Hello and thank you for the question.


I am so sorry your girl is not feeling well this must be so scary.


Can you tell me when was the last time she ate?


Has there been any vomiting?


Are her gums pink and moist?


Do you have any karo or pancake syrup?


Has she been vaccinated?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
she ate just a couple hours ago. We just got her from a guy like a month ago, and he told us she was 3 months old. He told us she was fully vaccinated but would need her booster in six months. My wife just checked her mouth and said her gums are black and pink. She is walking around our bathroom wimpering now, like she is searching for something. She has been a mostly indoor dog because it rains here alot. We take her to the park now and then. she is shaking alot. We do have karo and pancake syrup but it is up in the cupboard out of her reach.



I asked about the karo or pancake syrup so you could apply some on her gums, small breed puppys can experience a drop in blood sugar that can cause seizures.


If she was vaccinated properly she would not need any boosters in 6 months as all vaccines should be finished by 16 weeks.


I would apply the syrup and watch her closely if this does not appear to help I would have her seen right away since you are unsure of her medical and vaccine history there could be a more serious reason for this seizure.


Seizures can be very dangerous in pupys as they are not as resilient as adult dogs.

I would have her seen tonight at your local animal emergency where they can monitor her and give medications to stop the seizure should it happen again.If having her seen at the emergency is not an option I would have her seen first thing tomorrow morning by your regular vet.



Please let me know how she is doing.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
my wife looked up the paper he gave us. It is hand written and says that she was born 6-1-09, parvo 8-4-09, parvo booster 8-27-09. He said she needs her rabie shot. Does this sound correct? She drank a lil water but she looked like she wanted something to eat. Should we feed her? We can take her to the vet first thing in the morning.

Yes feed her and give her a small amount of the syrup.


No she did not receive all of her vaccines there should have been one more booster given 3 weeks after the last ones. She does still need the rabies.


Watch her very closely tonight and have her seen in the morning.I will be on most of the night if you need additional help.


I may not be on line but I would love to have an update after her appointment.


Good luck I will keep her in my prayers.

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