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Terri Riba
Terri Riba, Healthcare Expert
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Expert in canine health and behavior. 20 years of experience with dogs
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My dogs nose and entire body feels very cold he has not been

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My dog's nose and entire body feels very cold he has not been outside and has been cold for two days now. I was just wondering if that was normal?

Hi there,


No, this is not normal.


What breed and weight is he?


What and when did he eat last?





Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He is a great dane about 115 pounds he ate this morning about 1 hour ago 3 cups of Fromm dog kibble.

Hi there,


Oh hes a big long does his body feel cold to you?


Are his gums pale?


Does he have normal stool and urine?







Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I noticed his cold being cold like three days ago then yesterday his whole body was cold. His gums appear normal. His urine and stool are normal. I did notice that he has sneezed about 3 times this in the las hour or so.

Dear friend,


I am sorry your boy has this issue. He may have a cold coming on like canine flu.

Feel all over his body and look in his mouth for any abnormalities or evience of pain.


His temp should be 100 - 102.5 to be normal. Any lower and he may have an intestinal problem.


A dogs appetite is the best barometor of his health so eating good means he feels well.

Net, we check stool and urine. That seems fine from what you have told me.


His gums are normal so we can rule out anemia and probably worms.


See if he will let you take his temp.


Add unflavored pedialyte to his water 50/50 to hydrate him and balance his electrolytes.

Put a few drops of pancake syrup on his tongue to raise his blood sugar in case he is a bit hypoglycemic. That should perk him up.


Also give him one teaspoon a day of plain yogurt to keep "good" bacteria in his system.

If he develops any abdominal pain, bloating, constipation or cannot keep anything down he needs to be seen by a vet.


Please let me know how he is doing. I will always be here for you


I hope your boy feels better very soon..

Best wishes for him,






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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just took his temperature it is 100.4 I will try what you say thank you very much I was getting so worried.

Ok 100.4 is in the normal range so you do not have to worry.


It was my pleasure to help someone as nice as you and your great boy.


Thanks so much for your accept.


Sending as an I R so U R not charged again.


Best wishes,