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HI, my dog has angiosarcoma and I was told he had 2 wks to

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HI, my dog has angiosarcoma and I was told he had 2 wks to live. I have done every thing I could, normal vets then referred him to oncology in cambridge for a second opinion. He has gone over the 2 weeks and is eating like a pig, normally he only picked at food. The last thing he had was a rabis jab and I THINK THIS HAS SET THIS OFF. HE IS NEVER ILL AND AFTER THE JAB WAS SICK AND HAD DIAREAH AND HAD NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE. Please look into this . thanks...
Hi Alison,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear that your dog is having problems. Hemangiosarcoma is a terrible type of cancer. I am happy that your dog has lived longer than what was anticipated.

Are you asking if the vaccination has caused the cancer, or has your dog been vaccinated since the diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma?

There is no known, association between vaccinations and cancer, other than fibrosarcomas in cats. Therefore, it is more likely a coincidence between the vaccination and onset of signs.

The typical course of hemangiosarcoma is a waxing and waning lethargy or decrease in activity. Most people just associate it with old age, and the disease isn't diagnosed until the animal bleeds a signficant amount to result in profound weakness.

The typical published median survival time in dogs with hemangiosarcoma of the spleen is 3-6 months after the spleen is removed and there are no evidence of spread. With chemotherapy that incrases to approximately 6-9 months.

Hopefully your dog will continue to do very well. I will be sending positive thoughts your way.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your reply, he had the rabies jab in Jan 09 but you have answered that part of the question. Sorry I did not give you enough information. He has a lump the size of a standard tomatoe next to his bladder which could possibly be from his prostrate. The oncology believes it is too bit to remove at present. I am hoping that the chemo will srink the tumor but not sure if this is possible. Originally he went blind - uveitus - so this is why the vets suspected an underlying cause - found to be angiosarcoma. His site has now come back in both his eyes and the vet was very negative about this happening, is it possible they could have misdiagnosed this at all, something else similar? thank you so much.
Thanks for the additional information Alison.

Hemangiosarcoma can go where ever it wants, as it is a cancer of the blood vessels. It is certainly possible that he had it in his eyes and has responded to the chemotherapy, or it could have just been related to the cancer.

I will keep my fingers crossed that the prostatic tumor will shrink and he will continue to do well. I am very happy that your are working with an oncologist and I think it is reasonable to trust what she says.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.
Dr.B and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you