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Susan Chambers
Susan Chambers, Dog care specialist
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ yrs helping people care for their dogs, 10 yrs vet. office manager,5 yrs pet loss & bereavement
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How much would it cost to have a small pea size tumor removed

Resolved Question:

How much would it cost to have a small pea size tumor removed from the opening of the ear of a 29 lb 13 year old Jack Russel Terrier? How long should the dog stay at the Vet until I can bring her home?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Susan Chambers replied 7 years ago.
Hi Shilohsmom.   Pricing for such procedures will vary from vet to vet.. the variations in price will include how large the lump is, how deep it goes, how long the surgery takes, type of anesthesia the vet uses, does it need a biopsy.. .. is the lump/tumor interfering with the dogs hearing, painful or bleeding? Normally the vet will give a definite estimate and will stick to that regardless of whether it turns out to take longer or not.. being that your dog is over 12, I would suspect they would also do lab work, or at the very least a test strip to check kidney function before attempting to give anesthesia.. given that amounts vary so much.. I hate to try and give an estimate .. but, my educated guess would be between $200-500... it's very hard to say.. I would see no reason your dog could not come home the same day as the tumor removal.. they will normally keep them the day to make sure there are no complications.. also included in the expense may be antibiotics and a e-collar (cone) to keep your dog from scratching at the incision/tumor removal site... any plans on having the teeth scaled while asleep? a dog that age, can normally use it, at least a quick cleaning.. our golden had a lump removed from the shoulder (almond size), teeth cleaned and stayed just the day - and it ran $950.00 - lab work was done before surgery day and prepaid for (we live in Pa)... my nephew just had surgery done on his dog in Idaho, a neuter that was very involved and time consuming and was charged only $350.. no biopsy was done on either case, they will normally run at least $100.   If uncertain, any vet would be happy to give a quick estimate to help with 'sticker shock' when you pick your little friend up... if for some reason she was to stay in the hospital overnight, add another $30 approx.. but a "simple" tumor, no hospital stay, no biopsy, no lab work - I'd say you're looking at approx. $200... I hope I could shed some light on your question, but it really is very dependent on your vet and where you live... best of luck to your little girl and thanks for caring for her so well.. it's nice to hear.. any other questions, please ask.. Susan
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