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Donna P.
Donna P., Veterinary Technician
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Veterinary Technician with 15 years experience. Boston Terrier Breeder
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My dogs hind legs seem to have a nervous twitch which sometimes

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happens on its own or when he is stroked and excited. Either of his hind legs will kick up and down very fast, what can be causing this?
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This may be something as simple as you having hit a ticklish spot - this often happens along their side or their belly. It can also be a response to itchy skin. I have seen quite a few dogs that seem to have bad aim of flexibility and seem to be scrathing in the air in response to an itch. I would examine him closely and see if you get this reponse in the same area consistently. Common reasons for itching would be fleas, ear infections, and food or inhaled allergies.
If you would need more information or are not sure this fits with what you are seeing, just reply to your question.
Donna P.
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thank you.
Customer reply replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your response however i know exactly what you mean regarding a ticklish spot, and it is much more severe and doesn't need any contact, it does not appear to be itching as his paw does not make contact with his body when doing it and i would have thought he would have tried to itch whilst laying down etc.

When laying down it is not as frequent. Is there any type of hip or nerve problem that it could be?

Hello again,
I have actually seem many dogs that are scratching in a sitting/standing position and are just doing this in the air. I don't know if they are poorly coordinated or have bad aim or what but if the itch is taken care of this behavior goes away. So this is something to consider as a cause.
Most nerve deficits in the hind limbs would result in weakness or delayed response. The dogs may drag their feet or walk on their knuckles instead of their pads. If he is not displaying any of these sigsn it is probably not a nerve problem exactly. There is the possibility of a partial seizure - which only affects a small part of the body. This can proceed to generalized seizures. Here is a link to more information.
If you need more information just reply to your question.
Donna P.
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thank you.