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I have a 5 lb pomeranian whos diet is vet approved potatoes

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I have a 5 lb pomeranian who's diet is vet approved potatoes & chicken with vitamins and EFAs added. Her stool today is black and dry. She is resistant to walking and seems uncomfortable-even arching her back. Mostly she's sitting on my lap but not sleeping. What can I do to help her until tomorrow when I can call her vet? (She has atypical Cushing's Disease and takes trilostane 0.65 mg 2 times a day and melatonin 0.5 mg 1 times a day although I did not give her the trilostane today because I'm worried about her pain.) Any help?

As I read it, your girl is not vomiting and her stool is dark possibly indicating blood from the small intestine. She is not drinking, but is willing to eat meat. Meat will cause a dark stool. She does not want to, but is able to walk, but doesn't use her hind legs correctly.


Has she urinated? If you press on her abdomen, does she splint or seem painful?


Check her gum color. It should be pink, not white, gray or deep red. Press on her gums just behind an upper canine tooth for about 5 seconds and then remove your finger. The color where your finger was should be white. It should return to pink within 2 seconds. If it is longer than 3 seconds, the capillary refill is slow indicating poor perfusion of blood. The most likely causes are dehydration and decreased blood pressure.


Assuming gum color and capillary refill are normal, she still has no vomiting or diarrhea, her Cushing's has been well controlled and she is able to move... she should be OK to wait until tomorrow to see her regular vet.


It sounds like she may be painful. This could be due to a number of causes. in the absence of vomiting, kidney infection or calculi, constipation and back pain would be the most likely causes. Determining the actual cause requires an exam and appropriate diagnostic tests.


Let me know the answers to my questions, other concerns that I may have missed and follow up questions.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She had refused to stand even falling over. That said, Mindy can be somewhat of a drama queen. I have gotten her to drink a little bit and she is starting to show more interest in general life activities. Her gums look ok. I tried to do the capillary test but she's too small. She can hide the little tiny area too well for me to be able to look in. I pull my finger out - she pulls away. Then it's over the 3 seconds before I get her mouth open again. So I guess she's feeling better. When I first wrote the email, I don't think she would have fought me at all. She just asked to go out so I would say things are improving. I'll call my vet tomorrow. Thanks.