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my dog had puppies last monday and she will not eat her food.

She has always eaten dog... Show More
She has always eaten dog food but she will only eat if we give her table food. A friend of mine told me when her dog had puppies she was told by her vet to give her puppy food. I bought some and mixed it with wet food and she only ate a little. I also bought some puppy milk that said for pregnant dogs and lactating dogs and I mixed it in her water to give her nutrients. I find out later I should have mixed it with her food. What should I do I don't want her do get sick?
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Customer reply replied 8 years ago.

Age: 1; Female; Breed: chow

Already Tried:
I mixed wet dog food with puppy food and I gave her puppy milk for pregnant and lactating dogs

Congratulations on you new furry additions!

It would be important to make sure that your dog is not interested in eating her food due to an underlying medical condition, so an evaluation by the vet, would be a good idea. If she's drinking, eliminating and taking care of her puppies normally, then she's most likely feeling alright. However, the fact that you said she IS interested in people food shows that she does have an appetite, so that's good.

Yes, nursing dogs (and pregnant dogs) should be fed puppy food for it's higher caloric content. Try not mixing wet dog food with the puppy food, but just feed her a high quality puppy food (canned would be preferable, but you can give dry as well), and see if she likes that better. Also, you can mix the puppy milk into her food, if she likes the taste, or offer it separately; don't mix it in her water, just offer fresh, cool water for her to drink. She's losing fluid through the nursing, so she needs to replenish it.

Some healthy, tasty brands of puppy food are Wellness, Newman's Own, Halo, Natural Balance, Canidae, and many others which are available at your major pet supply stores. These brands contain no artificial additives or preservatives and no common allergens.

Try to entice her by mixing some plain boiled chicken breast or turkey (no seasonings/no onion or garlic) into her puppy food; show her you're doing this, so she'll be excited about it. You don't want to encourage her with the table scraps, but she does need to eat, so try that method. Also, offer her some Nutri-Cal or Nutri-Stat, a nutritional supplement that will add calories and energy and might act as an appetite stimulant. You can find it in major pet supply stores and/or online.

If she continues to be picky and not eat as much as she should, definitely have her evaluated by her vet, to make sure she's doing well, medically.

I hope all will be well with your mom and puppies!

Customer reply replied 8 years ago.
I just asked a question to Cher about my dog who just had puppies and she wasn't eating. My son just gave her canned food and she ate it all. Is there a good canned dog food that she reccomends that I can give her?
Customer reply replied 8 years ago.
Is it true that canned food makes their bowels runny?
Hello again, and please forgive my delayed response. I was not online when you replied. Thanks very much for your accept.

I'm very happy to hear that your dog ate the canned food, but she does need to be on canned PUPPY food while she's nursing. The brands I recommended are all very healthy/high quality. Wellness, Newman's Own, Halo, Natural Balance, Canidae, and many others which are available at your major pet supply stores. These brands contain no artificial additives or preservatives and no common allergens.

It's possible that if she's not used to an all canned-food diet, it can make her stools softer or more liquidy than before, but this also may happen due to a change in food and/or if there are any allergens like corn or artificial preservatives in the food you feed. If she seems to have a problem in the future, with runny stools, add 1 tsp. plain, unflavored yogurt to a small amount of the canned food, daily, and also add some plain, overcooked white rice (no seasonings or anything added) to her food.