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does a dogs water break and if so how long after would ...

Resolved Question:

does a dogs water break and if so how long after would it be a sign of distress should the puppies not show
Submitted: 8 years ago via PetPlace.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.

A dog's water doesn't really break, in the way that a pregnant female human's does, as each puppy is enveloped in it's own 'sac' or membrane.
"Labor and Delivery   Labor in the female dog can be divided into 3 stages. The second and third stages are repeated with the birth of each puppy.

"Stage 1: During the first stage, the mother seems extremely restless and very nervous, and often seeks seclusion. She may refuse food even if offered her favorite treats. This stage may last 6-24 hours. This is a good time to exercise the mother to allow her to urinate and defecate.

Stage 2: In the second stage, contractions and expulsion of the puppies begin. Usually a small greenish sac of fluid protrudes first from the vulva. This is followed by the puppy and its attached placenta. The normal presentation of the puppy is nose first, stomach down. About one-third of all puppies, however, are born hindquarters first. This presentation is considered normal in the dog. After delivery, the mother opens the sac, cleans off the pup, and severs the umbilical cord. You may have to perform these functions for the mother (see Obstetric Care below). Make sure the sac is removed from the puppy immediately if it is unbroken during delivery.

Stage 3: The third stage of labor is the resting stage, which follows each delivery. Mild contractions and delivery of the afterbirth occur in this phase. This stage usually lasts 10-30 minutes, but it may range from a few seconds to a few hours. Some mothers may deliver two pups close together and then have a prolonged resting stage."

You can read more about canine labor and delivery and symptoms of distress to be on the lookout for, at the website the above was printed from:

I hope all goes well with your dog and her puppies!

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