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Animal Eyes, Veterinary Technician
Category: Dog
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Experience:  25 yrs working, treating, training and loving dogs, 5 yrs as an animal control officer
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my dogs stool is like water

Customer Question

i have a 10month old english bulldog that is on a raw food diet, i also take her to the dog park every night, shes up to date on all shots, never had a problem with her diet before but i have noticed she is pooping water
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 9 years ago.
This is something that you should have your vet take a look at. Diarhea can be caused by several things, food, parasites, bacteria or stress. Becaused she does get to go to the dog park she may have been exposed to another dog that has or had the diarhea. Your vet will need to do a stool check to find out what is causing the problem so the correct medication can be prescribed. Unfortunately there isn't one that takes care of them all so finding out what the cause is is necessary for treatment. You can try withhholding food for 24 hours then offer her a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice for a couple of days and see if that helps. If not then get her seen soon, with the type of diarhea that she is having she could become dehydrated very easily.

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