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I have one year old great dane who has warts in her

Resolved Question:

I have one year old great dane who has warts in her mouth and on her face. I was told by my vet that they should go away on their own. it has been a month since the first one showed up and her mouth looks like a wart farm. there are too many to count! I was wondering if there are any herbs or supplements that i could give her to help her immune system fight these things off before it gets to the point where i have to have my vet treat her. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 9 years ago.
Unfortunately this is something that will take time to go away. Because it is mostly viral in nature it has to run its course. Here is a link to a site that can explain more about this condition. There are things that can be tried to get rid of them but they are hit and miss at best. Some pets will respond and some won't. I hope it helps.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Animal Eyes's Post: thank you for your responce. unfortunately i have already been to the site you gave me and i have done alot of research on this particular virus. i understand that in most cases the virus has to run its course. i have also been to several sites that claim that herbs can help speed the process along and help strengthen her immune system. she has had mange in the past so i was wondering what would be a good supplement to give her that would strengthen her immune system so that she can avoid other sicknesses and diseases that a normal immune system can fight off. any suggestions on what kinds of supplement/herbs are effective? thank you again.
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 9 years ago.

There are a couple of things that you can do to help strengthen her immune system. One is to make sure that she is eating a good quality food. With her age she should still be on a puppy food for large breeds. Alot of people forget that food is more than just keeping them full. I'm sure that you know this but sometimes a reminder helps. Also exercise helps strenghten not only their muscles but their immune systems too. As for adding things to the diet, one product that can do a couple of things is called Missing Link. It adds essential vitamins and minerals that help with the immune system, skin and general health. Using the one that has glucosamine in it will help with keeping her joints healthy and with her size its important to start now. There are a couple of strengths available but I would recommend the veterinary strength just because of her size. Here is the website for the Missing Link that can give you more information on the product.


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