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Youre radiographing a large dogs abdomen and

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You're radiographing a large dog's abdomen and need to use a grid to make the image. The grid you've selected has a ratio of 12:1. By what amount do you need to increase tg kVp? Please explain clearly, I don't understand this stuff.

Increase the kVP by 10-15.

The grid factor is how much extra kVp you will need to account for the grid you are using. Remember, grids increase contrast but require more radiation to achieve the same exposure. If you are using a...

  • 5:1 grid add 6-8kVp
  • 8:1 grid add 8-10kVp
  • 12:1 grid add 10-15kVp

Good luck! Radiology is tough.

Dr. Debbie

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