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Is there a homemade,fast-acting laxative for my dog

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HI, Our dog was stung by some sort of insect here in Central America. We have seen a professional vet here and she has prescribed some drugs to help with the neuro-toxins that have cause a type of paralysis (temporary) in our dog. He has been 80% immobile since Friday. Just since yesterday he has passed liquids by urinating but has not passed solids since Wed. What can we do? He's shivering, which he will do when he has diarrhea or needs to pass waste. We're desperate since we can't get a hold of the vet. A home remedy is in order or a human med we can get at the phamacy.
You may need to be shown how to help him pass a stool through manipulation.
But its possible he is holding it because he cannot get in the right position.
Massage his stomach area, or you can try sitting him in a warm bath to help the muscles in the area relax. Dry him off and take him outside to a usual potty area and try lying him on his side. Move his tail to one side out of the way or lift it up a little for him. See if he can go if in the right location.
You can also support him in sort of the right position by using a towel under his chest to help him partly up and placing his hind legs properly (usually a two person job).
You can try a teaspoon of plain petroleum jelly (or if you have some cat Petromalt or Laxatone its the same thing with flavors added) in his mouth. You can see if there is stool in the rectum and if their is sometimes you can get it to release by using a small amount (maybe 5cc at most) of mineral oil around the stool as an enema.
No laxatives no human enema or suppositories.
Sometimes milk if he will drink it will act as a mild laxative.
But see the vet when you can.
Good luck with him!
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