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My dog ate the stem of a hydrangea plant. He threw up ...

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My dog ate the stem of a hydrangea plant. He threw up everything he had eaten today a few minutes after eating the plant. Should I do anything else?
He is a large breed dog (german shepherd, retriever mix) approximately 60 lbs. He is 9 months old. He drank a lot of water after throwing up.
Hydrangea as you now know is not good for dogs to eat. It commonly causes gastric upset and you may see some more response to that irritation and inflammation including diarrhea, and bloody stool. You may also see an increase in heart and breathing rates, a temperature (normal for dogs is around 101-102F), and brick red gums.
Vomiting the stuff up was good and hopefully got the most of the plant out of him along with what probably seemed like breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
If he acts really off you may want to see a vet with him but if he overall seems OK you may just want to keep an eye on him and offer him a meal of bland food tomorrow. I would suggest trying boiled chicken meat or hamburger with the fat drained off, mixed with really well cooked rice in a ratio of 1/3 meat to 2/3 rice to see if that works. It’s not a balanced diet but OK to use for a few meals while working on controlling digestive upset.
You may want to read here about toxic plants
And hope that your pup is now convinced plants in the yard are not chew items or food.
Hope this helps you!
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