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Don, dog owner of multiple dogs /35 year
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 734
Experience:  dog owner of many types of dogs ,let me know what I can help with !
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MY dog is lethargic and her stomach appears bloated

Customer Question

My dog is lethargic and her stomach appears bloted why?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.

DearCustomerthankyou for your question. I need to ask you some questions that may help me find your answer.

What kind of dog is this,how old and has she been acting like herself lately?

Has your dog been eating or drinking?

Is she constipated?

Has she had her all of her vaccinations?

Have you ever had her wormed?

Thankyou for your patience.Waiting for your reply,Don

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Don's Post: Beagle 10 years old
She has been eating and drinking though reluctantly
Not constipated
Yes all vacinations
Tested every year
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.

Hello again, thankyou for your reply.

Because your dog is older it is best to have her seen to eliminate any possibility of disease that would cause this.(early detection is always best) .

There also is a serious condition called GDV which is caused by diliatation and twisting of the stomach.

Since you mentioned that she is eating and drinking but reluctant I suspect she is not feeling well at all. (honestly,if this were my dog I would be getting her in as soon as I could)

Dogs can also sometimes have a bloated appearance when they have worms.

Because only one type of worm is detectable without a vet exam she could have any of the different types of worms.Parasitic Worms found in Dogs

I am giving you this website above because it has some very important information concerning the different types and what they do to dogs internally.

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