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Dog throwing up her food after eating then drinking water.

Customer Question

I on a rodegien ridgeback named missy also is mixed with hound. She is 6 mos old and since i've had her she throws up her food. I've figured that this happens when she drinks water after she eats, it could be 3min later or 3hrs. later the time frame is irrelevant. She's a great dog, but also has sinus issues. At first i thought it was a cold or nerves, but after learing that her sibling does the exact same thing i'm concerned. The vet that i go to, said to fed her from a vertical position on her hind legs, but that seems strange. Is this normal and why is she having all these symptoms? I'd hate to get rid of her for sneezing and throwing up her food, but i may be left to relieve the family of such a burden. Please signed Confused.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Terri replied 10 years ago.

I have a few questions:

How long has he been vomitting.

What does his diet consist of.

Is there blood or mucous present in the vomit?

Is he a very excited dog?

Does he lick his fur alot and vomit "hair balls"?

Does he have dry skin?

Please answer these questions, the best you can and I will get back to with a response

Parisites are a common cause for vomiting in dogs. It is impossible to determine what it is without seeing your vet. It is important that you find out what it is in case it is something serious. I encourage you to see your vet asap. I hope I helped a little. Have a good night.

Please remember to ACCEPT my answer. Thank-you!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Terri's Post: Ok, well missy has been vomiting since i've had her about 3mos total. She about 6mos old. Since we've changed her diet and cut back on the water it has helped, alittle but water seems to activate the simptoms. Her diet consist of a natural dog food no dyes or additives which is what the vet recommended. The vet really has tried to help, but i'm really not happy with what he has told me so far. Having her eat from a vertical position didn't make a difference. Their is mucous in the vomit also, and she doesn't lick her fur. No "hair balls". and no dry skin. Her nose is dryer than i'd like it. When i mentioned this to the vet he said, "probably just rubbin her nose on the ground. She is very excited and that could be because i'm not spending alot of time with her because of her condition she's outside most of the time. If i could cure the vomiting then i'd keep her inside more and not just at nite. Please Help!
Expert:  Terri replied 10 years ago.

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Okay Thanks for the info. Here is what I would reccomend:

I worked for a G.I. surgeon for years it's about the same treatment he suggests for gastritis in humans. (which we know dogs sometimes are)

Usually, when a dog is throwing up, it's because of some kind of stomach irritation (gastritis) or irritation to the upper intestinal tract.

First, give your Missy's stomach a little rest, withhold food for twelve to twenty-four hours following vomiting. My standard answer is to wait 12 hours let smomach settle then give a small amount of pepto. Then try a small amount of food(like drained hamburger and rice mixed)
or you can offer a very small amount of soft, bland food such as plain cooked white rice and boiled skinless chicken breast, or rice and chicken/turkey baby food. Or cooked and skinned white potatoes mixed with low-fat cottage cheese (9-to1 ratio).

If your dog keeps this small meal down for about four hours, another small meal can be offered, then another about four hours later.
If no further vomiting occurs, the next day's meals can be a normal-sized portion of bland food and the following day you can return your dog to a regular diet. Remember never change her food suddenly.

If vomiting continues, it's time to call your vet.

Water should be offered only in small amounts but frequently in order to combat the tendency to dehydrate that accompanies vomiting. Large amount of food or water distend the already irritated stomach and usually cause vomiting to recur.

An easy way to have water available in small portions is to place ice cubes in the water bowl and allow the dog to drink the liquid that accumulates as the cubes melt.

You can offer your dog Pedialyte during the time you are withholding food. It will help restore electrolytes lost while she was vomiting.

Also I might think about changing vets. That's an odd answer if this has been going on so long. Did he check Missy for worms?Also she needs to go for a walk before eating. The best time is right when you return home. Go on a good brisk walk or run that will lower her excitement first.Let her rest for a few minutes and then feed her.(this is after she stops vomiting)

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck, Justerri

Please remember to accept my answer. Thank-you!