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layla, Veterinary Assistant
Category: Dog
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Experience:  multi pet owner and worked with vet for many years
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Why does my dog drool excessively while sleeping

Customer Question

Why does my dog drool excessively while sleeping? (Duplicate question, in need of an immediate response)
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Marie replied 11 years ago.
Hi! I can only answer not as a Vet. So if a Vet comes along and can better my answer, please except it. My neighbor raises Rotties I notice that then tend to have very large thick lips and pronounced salivary glands. As someone that has practiced in dentistry my guess is that notice if you dog tends to salivate alot. Does he lick his lips often? Since he is a young dog, is he hyper and very excitable? Dogs like that tend to drool more than others. If is very possible tht while he is sleeping, he dreams and that triggers an response and be begins to drool. Is he neutered? That could also be a hormonal issue that causes him to over stimulate and drool.Also at his age is doubtful he has a tooth issue, but check that to be sure. I hope I helped you solve the mystery.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
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Expert:  Marie replied 11 years ago.
Hi! I didn't go into the things that cause Ptyalsim (excessive drooling) because I am not a Vet and you dog seemd too young to have problems from mouth issues. Often this condition is caused by inflamed tonsils, dental disease, oral lesions, a problem with the stomach(common to rotties) or a foreign mass in the throat or a liver function problem. If you want to rule all any physiological problem you need to see a Vet and have a CBC drawn up and rule out mouth cancer as well. The Product Biotene will reduce the amount of sliva that is in the dogs mouth, but only a Vet should be consulted to deteremine if this a the course of treatment. Good Luck!

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Marie's Post: Well, the dog was on antibiotics for three weeks and his condition has NOT improved...

He is playful as ever and does not seem to be sick in any way, shape or form.

I've brought the pooch to see the vet, I would say about five or six times now but the problem remains a mystery...

Has anyone with any type of dog had the same problem? Please help.
Expert:  Marie replied 11 years ago.
I am so sorry I did not help you. When I spoke to my sister in law that is a breeder I thought I helped you. She has only has rotties. She was very clear that Ptyalism was inherited in her one breed line. But is was not a big deal. That was her opinion as a Vet. Her animals are the top of the line in her field and has a waiting list for puppies. She also told me that her dogs that came from Brazil were more incline to have this. I can only relate the info she gave me. Her animals are all heathy and happy. If you want her number I will give it to you. Meanwhile, good luck, and if I can help you, I will try to do so.

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Expert:  layla replied 11 years ago.
Has the vet told you anything about his teeth or digestive system? Tooth decay, abcess, or problem and any type of indigestion, ulcers, cancerous tissue, liver shunt, or gastrointestinal issues? Those are things that you should look for or ask your vet about when you go to the next visit or just give them a call. Dogs drool usually some more accessively than others due to the shape of there face and mouth, like a bulldog will drool more than a husky, it holds it in which inables them to swallow. The others have no choice but drool all over. But have him check his teeth, belly, and throat (maybe send a camera scope down and visually see), portogram testing, also testing the drool, throat and stomach biopsy sample or stomach fluid; let me know if this helps and what he tries next...I hope he gets well!
If you want to try a diet change after you sees the vet,let me know I can help as I had to do that before for my pup.It works great.