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Christina A.T.
Christina A.T., Dog Holistic Healthcare
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Experience:  Dog holistic healthcare! 30 yrs in healthcare, behavior, rescue, and socializing.
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My dog wont eat, hasnt pooped in a couple

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My dog won't eat, hasn't pooped in a couple of days, and is throwing up yellow stuff. What could my dog have?

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Age: <1; Male; Breed: Not sure....

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We've only checked his temp and braught him inside, so we can keep an eye on him...I'm going in the morning to buy deworming meds.

He could be constipated or possibly have a blockage. If he happened to eat a none food item, it may have caused an intestinal blockage. The yellow stuff is bile, which means he is throwing up on an empty stomach. Other than vomiting and not eating, how is his behavior, is he urinating and is he drinking water?

You can do several things tonight for him/her, but I just need to know what size dog you have.


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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
The last few days he has still been very active until today. He seems sleepy and withdrawn. We believe he's drinking some because he is still peeing, when we take him outside.

He is about 13 wks old and is 15lbs. He's a little bigger than a full size cat. Not sure on his breed. We only know he's mixed.
Try some mineral oil, it is very strong and effective so do not use too much. And since he is not eating you may want to cook some ground turkey in a little bit of water (no seasonings or oil). If he eats the turkey it may give him a little nutrition. When it is cool, take a tablespoon of turkey and mix 1 teaspoon of mineral oil. This should make him go to the bathroom (loose stool) within 2-6 hours. Also if he has a blockage it may help to move it along so he passes it.

Also put some unflavored Pedialyte in his water. One cup of water and about 2 droppers of Pedialyte.

If he seems to get worse or becomes lethargic (unresponsive and listless), you should seek immediate medical attention, because it could be a blockage.

Let me know if there are any changes and how you make out.

Christina A.T. and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you

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