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how much does a puppy health certificate usually run i am ...

Customer Question

how much does a puppy health certificate usually run? i am a breeder & all flights require a certificate of health.

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Breed: american bulldogs

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Depends on what your vet charges you. I've gotten health certs for $10 per puppy. Last time it was $40 per pup but they included frontline and one interceptor tab 'free' and that might have included microchipping. Those were for doing whole litters at the same time. Individual certs cost me regular office visit and any needed shots.
Recently some airlines came out stating health certs were not required to fly dogs in cabin.
Some states require them on dogs coming in though. I make puppy buyers come to me to pick up a puppy so they are often flown home under the seat.
However in any case a health certificate is good insurance for you as a breeder. It tells the customer that you know the puppy was healthy at the time of shipping and your vet has seen it,checked it for parasites, maybe given a vaccine etc. Might make any potential disputes easier to resolve down the road.
You should be able to call your vet's office and ask what they charge to do puppy health certificates for airline shipping. Most have a set fee with any needed meds added to that.
Hope this helps you!