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what visual symptoms of malnutrition in dogs

Resolved Question:

I need to explain to the owners of the dogs I am pet sitting for that they are severely under-feeding there wire haired terrier and cocker spaniel as their ribs are all protruding and their spines are very visible. They are feeding the terrier a 1/3 of a cup of kibble a day and the spaniel gets 1/2 cup of kibble a day. The dogs eat so fast that they swallow their kibble whole with out chewing!

Optional Information:
Age: 2; Male; Breed: terrier & cocker spaniel

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
It may actually be a parasite problem not totally a food issue.
Your description of the bones showing is evidence of not enough nutrition in the dogs.
Read the bag of dog food for suggested feeding amounts for the size dogs these are.
See if the amounts are right (as foods all vary in calories per pound the amount might be right but the dogs not doing well due to parasites such as whip or hook worms).
I think you can perhaps use the food manufacturers suggested feeding to help convince them. And you may be able to use the parasite theory to convince them the dogs need the vet to check them or at least their stools for issues.
If no parasites then food is the likely problem.
Hope this helps you!
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