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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Expert in feline health and behavior. 20 years experience with cats.
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My cat wont eat today and has been lerhargic. We just moved

Customer Question

My cat wont eat today and has been lerhargic. We just moved 4 hours and he js a shy cat and was traumatized. Hes been sitting on this same box for days and always loved boxes so we didnr think anyrhing of it but tday he wont eat and he usually runs to thd food. His breathing seems a little strange and i have heard a couch here and there. Now hes sitting up in the corner and staring at the ground and sort of swaying slightly. Im scared. We are both our of work and just moved and have no extra money. Can u tell me what coukd be wrong. My other male car
T had a blockage about a year ago and were still oaying the 1400 bill. Can it be that? I dont see a 3rd eyelid. Im so upset
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  VetTechErin replied 1 year ago.

Hi there, my name is ***** ***** I would be happy to help you with your question. When you say he is breathing funny, what are you seeing?