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Candy R.
Candy R., Veterinary Technician
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Experience:  Practicing Veterinary Technician for 26 years.Former Veterinary Practice Owner, Technician Trainer
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My cat was given a .25 ml prescription a day of prozac for

Customer Question

My cat was given a .25 ml prescription a day of prozac for marking and aggressuon issues. He wont take pills so it is liquid form. Its been 2 weeks...he doesnt mark or scratch anymore but still runs after and attacks our other cat...the other cat is a 3 year old female...he is a 3 year old male....they fight and we awperate and the female is fine but he still wanta to run and
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Candy R. replied 1 year ago.
Hello. I am sorry to hear Pepperoni us giving you some problems. My name is ***** ***** I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years. I would be happy to help I just have a few questions.
How long have you had both of them?
Have they ever gotten along if so has anything in the house changed?
What does the female do when he chase her?
When you say they fight is it actual biting and scratching or just hissing and chasing?
What types of toys does he have and does he have scheduled daily play time?
Is he ever relaxed when in the same room as the female or does he just want to fight every time he sees her?
Has the fighting decreased at all since starting the prozac?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

We have had Pepperoni for 1 year in July, and Zelda for 2 months, we have yet to have them out at the same time for more than a few minutes due to the fighting. Zeldas reactions to Pepperoni are normal, a little hissing and growling but no real aggression. We swap them in and out of a spare bedroom every few days. I do not think they have ever gotten a long in the sense of it being calm when they meet. The first meeting we did the whole food at the door, etc, but since then we have not. We do not have specific play times, we play here and there. Pepperoni is a finiky eater, he is on a special urinary perscription dry food now, and we give him some wet as well but he rarely eats it. It is hard to see truely what is happening when he chases her, its very loud growling and hissing and i haven't seen blood drawn or marks on either cat, but we break it up pretty quickly. He instantly fixates and runs at her and they tussle its again very loud but once we seperate them, she is fine but he is still riled up. She goes back to normal and lays on you and etc. She likes me and my fiance but takes time to warm up to people, where Pepperoni is very much the center of attention, loves people, but loves his space too. Zelda eats everything and is not picky at all. She is polydactil. Today was the first time after 2 weeks on the medicine of him and her meeting. We want to badly for this to get better as we feel the confined room is not the best, ***** ***** big room with a large closet, a large window with a large perch, two beds, scratching post, liter box, water, etc. I can't stand the thought of losing either cat, as the attachments grow as time goes on. Obviously we have had pepperoni much longer, Zelda was my fiances cat that her mom was taking care of, we did not take her when my fiance moved in with me because Zelda used to bite and be very unaffectionate and not friendly, but her mom moved and could not take the cat, so we took in Zelda and her personality is so different now, she loves sitting on us or laying with us and being petted all night, she loves wet food which she never had, and loves treats which she never had, and just is so so happy and loving now. So it is so difficult. Our new vet is trying to help with getting Pepperonis aggression down against Zelda, but not sure what we can do.

Expert:  Candy R. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for the additional information
Cats do not do well with change and adding a new kitty makes them very anxious. Cats unlike dogs are not pack animals and will in fact live solitary lives in the wild.
In many cases this is something they have to work out themselves in order to establish the cat hierarchy in the house. Someone has to be the top cat.
You also need to know that some cats may never become friends they simply learn to tolerate each other and learn to co exist. I have 2 that have been together for 5 years and they still hiss and swat each other if they are in the same room.
There are some things you can try in addition to the Prozac
* For 20 minutes twice daily engage the cats in play trying to get both cats involved. Fishing pole toys and laser pointers work great for this .The laser pointer can be used as a deterrent to bad behavior. When ever you see him getting into position to chase or swat redirect him immediately with a toy . The lasers can be used from across the room. You can even clap your hands or use a can with coins in it to get his attention the trick is to redirect him.The laser pointers are small enough that you can carry one in your pocket for a few weeks. The key is exercise and consistency
* Let them work it out ,every time you intervene or separate them you are not letting them establish the rules of the house and the behavior will continue. Separating them also teaches the aggressor that is I act mean mom and dad will make the other cat go away If a real fight breaks out then at that time you can intervene. Gently scruff the attacker and tap them on the head with two fingers making a loud pisst noise. This is how mom would correct them
* Make sure you have climbing trees so that they can get away from each other and not need to chase the others out of the room.
* Put a collar with a bell on Pepperoni. This gives Zelda warning that he is coming so he can not sneak up on her.
* try using a cat harness and short leash ( short so he can not get tangled) secure him to something such as a chair leg so he is in the same room but can not run after Zelda.
* If you want to keep them separate for now that is fine but put a baby gate at the door of the room he is in and go back to feeding them on opposite sides of the gate . This way they can see and smell each other but not get to each other. Some owners find they have to use two baby gate one above the other to keep the cats from jumping over it.
Cats that behave this way often have a very high prey drive as well as redirected aggression ( meaning something like a bird outside gets him stirred up and he takes it out on the other cat) You need to get him some interactive toys to redirect his prey drive.
They have hands free laser pointer, the panic mouse and a toy call a flingama string are great for when he wants to play alone. He needs to be exercised at least twice a day until he is exhausted.
You can also look for timer controlled toys that you can set for when you are not home or at night.The trick with him is going to be giving him a variety so he does not get bored and switch then out every few days never give him access to all at the same time.
I know it sounds odd to hear me talk so much about toys but I can not stress enough how much play helps reduce anxiety in cats just like exercise does in humans. We have to give him something that is more fun to chase then Zelda.
If you have not tried cat nip try that as well since for many cats this will have a calming effect.
I hope this helps give you some other things to try. Please reply back if you have additional questions and I will be happy to continue.
If you have no additional questions please take the time to provide a rating to close out the question. Closing the question does not mean that you can not come back for follow up as the question is always open to you. It simply closes it on my end so I can assist other pet owners. I strive to provide excellent service so please reply back if I can be of additional assistance.