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Hi our 3 year old short hair Tommy is big 10 pounds. 3 days

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Hi our 3 year old short hair Tommy is big 10 pounds. 3 days ago I treated all 3 of our cats with biospot for cats 5lbs & over ingredients (s)methoprene 3.6% and etofenprox 40.0%. Two of the three show no problems but Tommy is very ill. He is an inside/ ouside cat so the first day I did not see him yesterday he was lethargic and when I place him on the ground to walk was stiff and slow. Today he is better, he is drinking water on his own and eating and once carried outside he did pee but he still moving very slowly and is sleeping hours on end. how long could this recovery take? Rebecca mom maine cat

Hi Rebecca and thanks very much for requesting me!

I'm so sorry to hear that Tommy is experiencing this problem after the application of Bio Spot. This type of flea preventative has been known to cause serious adverse reactions in cats (and dogs) due to it's main ingredient, the insecticide permethrin, and I'm glad that your two other cats seem fine, but Tommy was obviously more sensitive to the permethrin which is not recommended for use in cats due to it's toxicity factor. Here is more information;


(if a brown-framed window appears, just click 'close window' at the bottom)

You did the very best thing you could do, in washing off the applied drops with Dawn, dropper feeding him water, and I'm glad that today he is showing improvement and is eating and drinking on his own. The fact that you couldn't see him the first day and wash off the drops immediately, means that more of the product was absorbed by his skin.

Even though he is showing symptoms of getting better on his own at this time, it would be advisable to have him evaluated in person by a vet as soon as possible, so he can be treated for permethrin poisoning. This can cause neurological problems, seizures, and tremors, which need supportive treatment by the vet in person asap.

Here is more information about the toxicity of this product:

The best flea/tick preventatives are usually sold by your vet, and the ones sold in pet stores and supermarkets should not be used (excluding Frontline and Advantage products, which I believe are now sold in some pet supply stores).

I hope all will be well with Tommy and please let me know how he's doing and what the vet tells you, after he's examined and treated. Thanks!

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Warmest regards,


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