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catzanddogz, Veterinarian
Category: Cat
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Experience:  I am a Veterinarian and a pet owner. I have practiced cat and dog clinical medicine for over 25 years.
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Hi my cat has red irritated gums as well as swollen tonsils.

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Hi my cat has red irritated gums as well as swollen tonsils. Going to take to vet on Monday any ideas what the problem may be?

catzanddogz :

Hi, I am Dr. Andrea Russo and I will try to answer your questions. Is this a new problem or has it been going on for a while? Is Cali eating ok? have you seen any drooling or vomiting? Why do you think her tonsils are swollen - are you referring to enlarged lymph nodes under her neck or has a vet looked down her throat at her tonsils? These signs can be caused by a few things - exposure to something irritating or caustic that she may have licked or swallowed, an viral infection involving her teeth or gums, or she may have a type of gum disease called stomatitis. Some vets think that there is an infection called Bartonella that can cause these signs. Depending on her symptoms and the degree to which she is affected she might need antibiotics. If she doesn't respond well, she may need some bloodwork done and to be sedated to have her throat examined.


Thank you for the response, she is eating fine. She vomits sometimes i originally thought it was due to her eating too fast. It has only been going on a short while we recently changed my cats food from dry to wet (we are changing it back). Sorry i do not believe it was tonsils it is the lymph nodes they are obviously swollen. I can both see the swelling and feel it. It is both lymph nodes under her jaw. Her mood is a little lower than normal, but still loves attention and is eating well. I have another cat just diagnosed with an oral tumor. We are going in for a biopsy I was wondering if i should keep them separated.

catzanddogz :

Hi, I figured you mean the lymph nodes! (although her tonsils might be swollen also - we just don't know) Those lymph nodes swell in response to localized inflammation or infection so hopefully this is caused by something as benign as a viral or bacterial infection. I'm glad that she is eating normally. All cats vomit occasionally and some of them do eat too fast. I like the idea of feeding cats canned food more than dry - but some vomit more on canned food. Cali should get in to see your vet this week and probably get started on antibiotics. The swelling should go down after that and if not, she may need an aspirate done of a lymph node and some bloodwork. I am so sorry to hear about the other cat's oral tumor. I'm sure hoping that Cali's illness resolves without a lot of intervention or complications. Keep me posted.

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Hello I'm checking in to see how Cali is doing (as well as your other cat)