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I have an 18 year old neutered male cat

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I have an 18 year old neutered male cat that had just started laying on the floor on his stomach (vs. the bed or chair like normal). He eats normally and will jump up on my lap without any problem. His bowels over the past year or so have started changing and he has lost weight as well. His blood work came back within normal ranges for his age (according to the vet). Laying flat on his stomach is new and it seems he is having several large bowel movements now throughout the day. Thoughts?


Additional Info - his bowel movements are large in size and very light colored - beige like.  He has a huge appetite and to me it seems like he is not retaining any of the nutrients of the food - it all passes through him.  He is eating approximately 15 oz. of canned food per day.  In his prime he weighed 15 lbs. - now he is about 8.5 lbs.  The weight loss has been more pronounced over the past year.  He went from 10 down to 8 but has picked up .5 lb.  I have been feeding him high quality canned food - and kitten food for quite a while (Blue Buffalo, Wellness, etc.).  Hope this info helps.

Hi Mandy,

I am so sorry you are worried about Corky.

May I please ask a few questions so I get a clear picture?

You say he is lying on the floor in a new position.

What surface is the floor?

How long is he doing this?
Are the large bowel movements occurring for about the same time?

do you know what they tested for in his blood work?

is he an only pet?

After your reply please give me a few minutes to type detailed answer.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1) First it was the bathroom floor (rug over ceramic), then it was on area rug (over hardwood floor).

2) He stays there most of time while he sleeps - I'll get up in the middle of the night and still find him there. When I get home from work he usually is laying there - but will then get up and start following me around until I feed him (he can be vocal for an old fart!)

3) Not 100% sure on the timing of the bowel movements but I'm thinking they are about the same time. They are always firm, not loose.

4) They did a complete blood work up the last time I brought him in - not sure what all that included - but was told that's what they were doing. They said nothing alarming considering his age - a few things were off but I cannot recall the specifics.

5) We live on a farm so he is definitely not the only pet. We have one other cat/kitten (1 year old) and 3 dogs (2 come in the house in the evenings) and several horses - that are not in the house! He has never been an outside cat - always an inside cat. The kitten also stays indoors.


Thanks so much for your helpful reply.

It does not sound like there is anything seriously wrong with Corky (thank God).

He has scoped out these spots to claim them for himself. Older cats can get a bit of kitty dementia. Sometimes they vocalize, or become obsessive about property. Especially,when they live with other fur kids, they want to own things.

read more here:

The other possibility is he gets cramps or gas and it feels better on a hard surface with a rug as padding.Make sure he gets a snack at night so his tummy is not empty.Put out some kibble he can eat at night.

Give him one half tsp of plain yogurt every day to add good bacteria to his gut.

In addition, give him one tsp a day of fish oil to make his stool softer and easier to pass.

Weight loss and dementia in older kitties can be related to hyperthyroid so check his T 4 every six months:

Bless you for taking such great care of Corky that he has lived to 18!

He is VERY lucky to have you!



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Teri - I know his years (months) are numbered at this age - I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious. I was giving him yogurt for a while and had actually forgot about it - I'll add that back to his diet again. He HATES fish oil - already tried that but I do think his stools need to be softer at times. He always has food in his bowls whether dry or canned - I always make sure of that - he will remind me if I don't! LOL We did check his thyroid the last time - he had hyperthyroidism several years ago (2008) I had treated with radiation therapy with complete success! But I'm thinking it's tummy pain - maybe gas, or a little constipated because of the size of his stools. The color of them had concerned me (beige). He's been with 1 other cat and dog(s) his whole life but I can see where dementia is a definite possibility - he does like to be in my lap the minute I sit down. Poor old guy! I keep thinking I'll have to make "that" decision soon one day - but as long as he keeps eating and getting around o.k. (he is a little more wobbly than in his youth), I'm thinking he's o.k. Thank again! Smile


You are more then welcome. It is my pleasure to help someone as wonderful as you!

It sounds like Corky is doing GREAT, especially for a cat his age. With advances in veterinary medicine, cats are living to 20 or more!

If he hates fish oil see if he will eat a bit of salmon, tuna or sardines.

Feed him mostly canned food because it contains oil. Try the ones with gravy.

He wants to sit on your lap because you are his rock, he loves you and feels safe on your lap.

As long as he eats and is happy, he can have more good years.

Please keep in touch. Please don't forget to rate my answer if it was helpful.

Give Corky a BIG hug and kiss from me,



Terri and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Mandy,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Corky. How is everything going?


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