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Hi Lynn.. I have an itchy cat. He does have terrible food

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Hi Lynn.. I have an itchy cat. He does have terrible food allergies. We have determined he is allergic to grain and poultry, his face breaks out if he has chicken or duck. It seems we'll start him on something and he is good for a few weeks then the itching and open wounds on the face start up again. Right now he is on a limited diet salmon food. His face looks great but he won't stop itching his chin and pulling hair from his neck. His ears look wonderful. His face and body look great too. He doesn't bite himself real quick like he has fleas or anything. Bathing helps but only for a couple days then he starts itching again. We put Neosporin on the open wounds. He just itched and licked his neck and chin even worse until it was even rawer or reader. :( Any ideas?
Hello, It appears that Lynn is off line .My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been a veterinary nurse for 26 years.Would you like me to assist you or would you rather wait for Lynn.

If you would like me to help could you please answer the following questions for me.

Has Snowball had allergy testing done?

What type of food and water bowls do you use?

How long has he been on this diet?

Is he getting open wounds from itching or do the wounds appear first causing the itching?

Is he now or has he been on any medication for this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry, I lost you there. I'm trying to figure out how to show you the picture... is there an email I send a photo to?


OK, we use glass bowls and plates for his food. His symptoms are not in line with feline acne at all.


He has not had allergy testing in the past but it is very obvious that he has incredible food allergies. Some foods only take him 24 hours to show up as he itches his face and causes open wounds. This is different. If I can send you the picture you would see, his coat is amazing except for this one spot on his chin and neck.


This is what I know. He had a burr on his chin about a week and a half two weeks ago. If we do not get to them right away, he rips them out. He had a burr one morning that he began to rip out. We cut it away, it is gone. There was some hair loss and redness. Since then he has been itching his chin and there are open sores. He has licked all of the hair off of his neck. We finally found a food that cleared up his face during this time, his face looks better than it has in months but now his neck looks really bad, it is always something with him.


His new food we began about 2 weeks ago, it agrees with his face more than any food we've had in a long time. He is on Taste of the Wild Canyon River Trout and Smoked Salmon Grain Free. Foods with duck and chicken, even of the grain free variety were causing massive issues. He has not been on medication this round by hydrocortisone shots in the past have not worked. If I apply anything to the neck the itching and licking worsen terribly.

Thank you for the additional information.

Unfortunately it seems to take sometimes a few hours for us to get pictures via email You can attach a picture using the paper clip icon or post to a photo sharing site such has photobucket and send me the link
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



As you can see he has an amazing coat... no mange, fleas, mites, ringworm, acne... :(

Thank you . Ouch that looks itchy and painful. It is possible that he had another bur that started the itching and scratching. In some cases this can lead to a secondary bacterial infection. Because he is white the sun could also be causing problems with the skin and many white cats will actually develop skin cancer on the face and ears.

Since he tends to lick more when you actually put something on there what I would suggest is cleaning this with either anti bacterial soap or Betadine diluted to the color of tea 1-2 times per day.You can try over the counter Chlor-Trimetrone to help with the itching. This is dosed at 2-4 mgs once per day.
If you think you can give him to leave anything on for a few minutes I would try the neosporin with pain relief to numb the area.

Since he goes out it could be something else that he is reacting to such as a plant or even grass.
The glass food and water bowls are great and allergen free.

If this continues to happen I would suggest the following
* Try a complete allergen food such as Science Diet z/d this food is broken down to the point that the body can not identify what it is getting so there is no risk of reaction.
* Ask your vet about trying Atopica. Click here
* Get allergy testing to be sure this is truly an allergy you are dealing with and not a problem with the immune system such as pemphigus. Allergy testing will also tell you every food and environmental allergy he has Click here

I hope this helps give you some options. Please reply back if you have additional questions and I will be happy to continue.
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