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Our kittens head was slammed by a car door, some blood came

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Our kitten's head was slammed by a car door, some blood came out of her nose and mouth, her eyes don't react to light and she is pretty much paralyzed. She's still breathing and wags her tail every now and then... other than that she does nothing. Is there a chance she might survive or should we just call someone to put her to sleep? We can't take her to a vet, we would if we could......


I am so sorry the kitten was injured.

how old is she?

how long Ago did this happen?

Do you have a humane society or pet rescue where you live?

Thank you,'


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She is about 4-5 months old and this happened about two hours ago. We live on a country side, pretty far from everywhere, so as far as I know we don't have those here.


I just want to know how I can help her....

Dear friend,

Thanks so much for your helpful reply.

It is hard to say without being able to see her if she can be helped But I can tell you that cats are great healers.

All you can do if you cannot see a vet is take her inside the house. Set her up in a card board box on a soft cloth and let her relax.Put her in a quiet, dark room away from other animals and small children.

You can put her on a heating pad (set on low) with a towel inbetween them.

Or put raw rice in socks, heat them to warm in a microwave and place them beside her.

Do not try to give her any foods, liquids or human medications by mouth because she could aspirate and choke. PLus most human drugs are toxic to cats.

If she is going to survive she should come around in 24 hours. If not, it would be kinder to let her go.

I pray she makes it. Please let me know what happens.

Best wishes and prayers for her,


Terri and 2 other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the advices and prayers!


Sadly her condition hasn't got any better in over 20 hours, she's still not responding to anything. So, we're going to put her down rather soon...


But thank you for your help.

I am so very sorry she is not doing well.

I Know you did your very best to help her.

Bless you for that!