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Candy R.
Candy R., Veterinary Technician
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 11619
Experience:  Practicing Veterinary Technician for 26 years.Former Veterinary Practice Owner, Technician Trainer
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Hi Candy I have another question re Nelson. My contact at

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Hi Candy
I have another question re Nelson. My contact at the Cat Rescue group suggested Nelson might feel less anxious if he was introduced to my other 2 cats..since he goes to the door and meows through it. It is her experience that her own cats help to socialize the feral cats she rescues. Watching Nelson with members of his colony I have never seen a bit of aggression- in fact I have seen Nelson lying contentedly on the ground with another cat draped over top of him a few times. Of course I do not know how my cats will feel about welcoming Nelson.
If you think that may be a good idea, what should I do to ensure that my cats are not exposed to anything Nelson may have picked up outside. ie another stool sample checked ? one thing the cat rescue recommended was having a snap test done. ? we did have another member of his colony neutered today and asked for a snap test - it was negative..any other suggestions..?
thank you
Oh I did not realize they had not been introduced. I would have the stool checked for coccidia and giardia and a snap test for leukemia and aids and then if all clear give it a try.

I personally never separate only because I think it causes anxiety on each side. Most of the time there is a few spats and I just let them work it out as long as its not all out fighting
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you. I'm sure you are right about the heightened anxiety.

I wish I had known that the toronto humane society clinic could have snap tested nelson and his 4 colony mates that attended the spay/neuter clinic with him. Now he is going to have to be further stressed by having me somehow get him into a cat carrier to go to the vet. grrrr

anyway I am glad that we now know and will be sure to request for any in future.

I guess I will try putting his food near/in the carrier and hope he goes in on his own unless you have any suggestions that might work better.

thank you again..i am learning a lot through all this


I am so sorry for the delay. I am in Florida and we are having some severe storms and keep loosing power.

I would try to pick up some Feliway spray and spray the inside of the carrier before you put him in to reduce anxiety. An easy way to get them in is to turn the carrier on its end with the door in the air and put them in back feet first.

Please keep me posted on how things are going
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No luck to get Nelson anywhere near the carrier - he is much more wary of me right now. No petting at all allowed - he actually has hissed at me a few times if he feels I am too close. He does let me get about 6 inches from him and comes out esp at night to walk around the bedroom. I actually got him chasing a laser pen - he got so carrried away he almost forgot his fear of being too close to me.


Whenever I can get Nelso to vet and tested, I wanted to ask you for any tips, guidance for introducing Nelson to my other 2 cats ... he still goes to the bedroom door and meows plaintively to one of them on the other side of the door. He often chooses to lie by the door. Nelson and the same cat that comes and talks on the other side of the door have seen each other when I have opened the door. Actually I think my own cat is more talking to me and scratching at the door because she is not used to being shut out but Nelson is definitely interested in her.

Please give me any advice on introducing/integrating the cats in the best possible way.


If you are having a hard time getting him in a carrier would having a mobile vet come be an option or do you have to use a certain vet for the feral program to pay for it?

As for introducing one thing you can do now to get them used to the smell is take a towel or soft blanket and place one in each room so your resident cats can lay on one and nelson can lay on one( in his room of course) wait 24 hours and then switch them this will help get them used to each others smells which is a big step.
Once he has been tested then I would just open the door and see how things go. if they fight then we will have to take other steps but sometimes just letting them work it out is best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Candy

I am hoping you can help with info/advice

We did not have any access to mobile vet so we took Nelson's stool to vet and they ran "all the tests" and stool was all clear. did not do snap test as still not able to touch him/get him in carrier

4 days ago we decided to go ahead and open the bedroom door and see how things went - there was some hissing and growling, mostly from my 2 cats esp if he got too close but nothing major ie no physical aggression - Nelson would actually retreat back to the bedroom when there was vocal opposition to him and my cats were satisfied with that

the first night Nelson was actually up on the living room couch and my cats sitting opposite him in chairs looking but not hissing etc. - The next morning there was one episode where I heard very angry sounds like a fight - by the time I came out it was over - nelson under the couch and selene my black cat hair in front of it- i noticed some of nelson's grey hair in her back paws - I checked selene but did not see any sign of bites,etc and also Nelson and he looked fine for what I could see of him ie no picking him up to check underneath

that happened only once and gradually Nelson has been coming out to the living room as my cats tolerate -I do not see him being aggressive to them, just taking his cues from them as to how far he can go

Last night (with some Feliway help) Nelson came out lay on the couch and no hissing from either of my cats, selene was actually laying on me purring while she watched nelson - both fell asleep - at night and when I was not at home I kept nelson segregated in the bedroom

Sorry for the long intro

anyway i left my apt this am (to do rescue work) selene was fine, eating, happy, etc - I returned at 1pm and my beautiful selene was lying on the floor dead - there was some vomit of food several feet away and she had voided her bladder

Selene was 7 years old,did not go for annual vet check ups but seemed to be in great health, only thing she did was excessive grooming for past 3 years- vet did some testing but didn't see anything, said some cats just did this ..i know he is aware of my limited income too

I want to be sure that whatever happened to selene has not left my other cat agalea in any jeopardy, if nelson has anything contagious that could have caused this it is important to know for agalea and also for nelson's treatment

Emergency vet office suggested i take selene's body to pathologist at university to perform full autopsy - least cost is $450 but could be much more and location is several hours away

or I should I take my living cat for some testing and if so , which tests and/or nelson except still same problem of getting him in carriage

i know i am sounding incoherent but i am not processing properly as i am devastated

can you advise please candy?


Oh no I am so sorry I can not imagine how devastated you must be.

The most common thing that causes sudden death is Heart failure. Unlike dogs cats very rarely show any signs until either they pass suddenly or throw a blood clot that effects the back legs.

I do not think this is any disease process carried by Nelson or he would have passed himself and there is not anything I know of that is transfered that causes sudden death.

The only way to know for sure would be to have the necropsy but my educated guess would be something with the heart.

It would not hurt to have blood work done on your other kitty but again I do not think this is something that was contagious or I would have expected to see some signs of illness and not just a sudden passing.

I am so so sorry. I wish I could say something that would make this easier but only time can do that. I lost one of my kitties 2 weeks ago and he was only 4 so I know how you are feeling
Candy R. and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you

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