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My female kitty has recently been scooting her rear on whatever

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My female kitty has recently been scooting her rear on whatever she's on. She has had worms in the past. She has a history of having blood in her stool and I sometimes find little drops of blood on the floor, esp. around the litter box. Before we brought in some stray that seems to enjoy chasing her and whatnot, she made regular solid poo. It has changed since then, and despite vet interference, remains changed. Lately, she has been using outside the box when I'm not around to stop her. She is very particular about her litter, but it hasn't necessarily been bad when she's done this. That leaves me to believe there may be something else going on. Also, she has gained a good bit of weight. She has always been a meticulous and habitual groomer, and that is beginning to become more difficult, esp. concerning her bottom. Yesterday I had to help her with that. Despite her long hair, I've never had to worry about that until now. She has also been licking at her butt a lot lately. Does this sound like worms, or a parasite, or maybe some sort of irritation?

Carole F.
Hi, I am Dr. Jeff. I will try to help you. Please feel free to follow up if any more information is needed. It can occur in cats where the anal glands can be full or even infected which can lead to dragging of the hind end or chewing. So, it may be worth having your vet express the glands. While this is not overly common in cats (common issue in dogs), it can happen. They have two small sacs on either side of the anus which can fill with fluid and become an irritant. If they are infected, they can produce blood and/or pus as well.

Certainly parasites can also lead to parasites. Tapeworm is common in cats and can appear like small grains of rice around the anus. So, if you see these, put one in a small bag and show it to your vet. Certainly, fleas can also be an issue (incidentally fleas the the intermediate host of the tapeworm) that can lead to irritation anywhere around the hind end and rump.

Some of the other behavioral issues like improper little box use may be related to stress or anxiety and the new cat can certainly be a factor. Some options that can help a cat with anxiety are pheromone products (Feliway is my favorite options and comes in a spray or plug in aerosolizer), all natural oral treats that can have calming effects, and medication (prozac, valium, etc).

So, I would start by ruling out fleas and tapeworms and having the anal glands expressed. If this is not helping the irritation in the hind end, then other issues like allergies need to be investigated. You can also discuss some of the various behavioral options with your vet that best suits Boncie. I hope this helps and gives you direction.
Dr. Jeff
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