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My cats lab work just came back showing low platlet count.

Resolved Question:

My cat's lab work just came back showing low platlet count. She has been acting different - nervous, irritable, more finicky about food than usual, losing weight, fur less full, etc. The vet suggested perhaps the change in food or a reaction to the vaccinations she just had. Any ideas about what the problem could be? Is there any way to treat this and bring the platlet level back up?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  DrAmy replied 8 years ago.



I just have a couple questions.


!) What is your kittie's name?

2) Does she go outside?

3) Has she ever been tested for FeLV/FIV?

4) Do you know the platelet count?

5) What other bloodwork was done and what the results were?


Usually pet owners don't keep the results but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The kitty's name isXXXXX is mostly inside, but does go out into the back yard, which is cat-fenced, sometimes. She was just tested again for FeLV/FIV. I don't know what the count is & I don't remember which other tests were done other than those I already mentioned.
Expert:  DrAmy replied 8 years ago.



Thanks for the reply.


I have a couple thoughts.


1) Depending on how the platelets were counted, it could effect the accuracy of the results. This does NOT mean your vet did anything wrong. Cat platelets are notoriously "sticky" and like to clump together on the glass slide. If they were counted with a machine, the platelets can clump together and the count can seem low because the machine thinks a clump of platelets are just one big platelet. The other thing that doesn't quite fit is that low platelets don't cause anorexia and weight loss. Platelets clot the blood. Animals won't have problems until they start bleeding. You will usually start to see small tiny bruises on the skin, blood in the urine, bleeding gums, etc.


You can ask your veterinarian to recheck the platelet count before starting any treatment for low platelets. You could even ask that they send a sample of blood to a pathology lab (unless they did this initially). These labs have clinical pathologists on staff that review the results. In dogs, low platelets occur because the body's immune system will destroy them. This is just not that common in cats. As far as a vaccine reaction, I would call the vaccine company and see if it is a complication that has been seen before. How long ago were the vaccines? If it was more than a month or two ago, this is not likely to cause low platelets.


2) A few possibilites for a cat that does not want to eat and is losing weight is pancreatitis, liver disease, kidney disease, foreign body, inflammatory bowel disease (like irritable bowel syndrome in people) and lymphoma.


I would be happy to discuss Angel's case with you more if you have further questions. I am here to help.

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