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Can I put Sulfodene on a cat

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Can I put Sulfodene on a cat?

This article from the manufacturer, says Sulfodene is safe to use on cats:

However, it would be a good idea to have your cat evaluated in person by the vet, to get a definite diagnosis and appropriate treatment for these rough spots.

Even though your cat is indoor-only, he can still get fleas, brought in on humans' shoes and pantlegs. Also, a rough spot may indicate a flea-related skin condition called feline miliary dermatitis.

Ringworm, a fungal infection, is also possible.

I hope all will be well with your cat!

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thank you! I wanted to try the Sulfodene first to see if that helped, but I wanted to make sure it would not be toxic to him. I am on a strict budget, and it costs $100.00 it seems just to walk into the vet's office. I looked him over really good, and did not see any fleas. It almost looks like some kind of irratation, and he wants to bite and scratch it resulting in some fur loss. I figured I would try the Sulfodene first and if that did not help, take him to the vet. Thanks again!



Hi again, Kim, and you're most welcome!

I understand your situation completely! The application on the back of the neck, he shouldn't be able to lick, but the one at the base of the tail, he can most likely get to, so even though the manufacturer doesn't state that it's toxic if ingested, you'd want him not to ingest much. Rub it into the affected areas (don't apply too much) and if he exhibits any unusual symptoms, after licking there, of course have him seen immediately.

I hope the Sulfodene works, and wish you and your kitty much good luck!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Oh my goodness! What a cutie! Thanks so much for sending the picture! : )   I myself, have a chubby, furry boy; he's orange and white.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I thought you would like to see him. He is spoiled rotten and barks like a dog (he meows too). He died shortly after birth, but the original owner put his mouth over the newborn kitten's mouth and blew into it then squeezed it gently. After alternating this several times, the kitten started breathing again. Him and his wife fed it with an eye dropper for several weeks. They had a female golden retreiver who basically adopted it as her own. The kitten thought the dog was it's mother and slept on the dog. I received the cat a year ago because the original owner had to get rid of it because of medical reasons. When I picked it up, the owner told me everything about it, then said, "Oh... one more thing. He barks like a dog." I didn't believe him, but sure enough, he did it that night. He seems to only do it when I get home from work, or when I get up in the morning. It seems like an attention getting thing. Anyway, his name isXXXXX renamed him because I really didn't like his original name, which was Benny. Thanks again for your help.



Hi again Kim, and thanks for the 'backstory' on Mr. Slate (I also like it much better than Benny)! What a lucky kitty! I'm so glad you were able to take him in. He barks like a dog, because he thought the dog was his mama! That is SO interesting...I've never heard that before with a kitty. He really is special!