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Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert
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Experience:  Expert in feline health and behavior. 20 years experience with cats.
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My cat is losing hair on his ears and above his eyes

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I have a solid black short haired cat. I found him when he was a kitten and he was a feral cat. He is now about 6 years old. He seems healthy and is very social, however recently I have noticed he has lost patches of hair on his ears and above his eyes, like where eyebrows would be. He is an indoor cat and never goes outside. What are the possible problems?

Hi Kym,


Is this the boy that had the UTI back in December or a different one?


Is he eating?




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Oh my gosh! Are you the same person that helped me before? This is great that you remember. No it is not the same cat. That cat had a SERIOUS infection and barely lived thank you for your help. He was in the vet hospital for like 1 week. This cat is a male too and is about a year or two older. He is sitting right beside me now and he seems playful and fine. I was at work today but my sister in law said she saw him eating.He likes to play fetch with paper and he is playing it with me right now. So he is running across the room to fetch paper balls and brings it back to me. He is purring too and acting very lovable which is normal. He likes to cuddle and be hugged really tightly. He just has a bald spot on one ear and it looks like another one starting on the othe ear and then above his eyes on that bone that protrudes his hair is coming off, it looks sparse. The rest of his body seems fine.

Hi Kym,


Oh of course I remember. I was really worried about that boy and I'm sooo glad he is ok!!


This sounds like a much less serious issue.


Fortunately cats do not get as many skin conditions as dogs so they are much easier to diagnose and treat. They can be allergic reactions, fungus or infection.

Here is the most common with photos:

Stud tail:and feline acne


Miliary Dermatitis:



Hot spots:

Ringworm can be recurrent and is treated with a topical fungicide or a vaccine shot.

miliary dermatitis can come from a food allergy or the bite of even ONE flea.This is treated with one cortesone shot or neosporen it is safe it he licks a bit.

Granuloma is also usually allergic in nature and can be treated cortesone or antibiotics or both.

There is also alopecia which is usually symmetrical and can be self inflicted:

A staph infection is also a possibility and can recur at times when the immune system is weakened temporarily.

Please look at the photos and let me know which best relates to your cats issues and I will be happy to discuss this further with you and tell you how to treat it. Remember it may not look exactly as the pictures.


Warm regards,



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok Terri I will check those sites out. I wanted to tell you that there is no redness,no scabs,no bugs, nothing. It does not look iritated or anything, just bald white spots. I am going to check those sites in a bit. Thank you so much. The other cat Cyrus came out of the hospital much friendlier than when he went in :) It scared the you know what out of him.
Thanks again

Hi Kim,


If it does not look like any pics check him for hyperthyroid and these:


They can all cause thining facial hair and he is the right age for them.Let me know how he is doing.




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