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my cat was on clindrops from wed to fri (1ml x 2). It

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my cat was on clindrops from wed to fri (1ml x 2). It was for oral bacteria. I stopped his meds as soon as I noticed the severe diarrhea. He is squirting feces all over the house. My question is how long will he have this condition and is there anything I can give him to help him feel better.


I am so very sorry to hear that you and your baby are dealing with this. I do want to tell you that you should give your vet a call tomorrow as he will need antibiotics to clear up the bacteria...maybe less of the clindrops or a different one all together. You can try feeding him a bland diet of either boiled chicken (no skin or bones) or jarred meat baby food that does not contain onions or garlic. This will help settle the tummy. If it is possible, I would consider putting him in a small room, like the bathroom, along with his litter box for the next day or two until this clears up to help with the mess. Unfortunately there isn't any safe OTC medications for cats...most of them are potentially toxic. When you talk to your vet, he might prescribe you a medication to help but right now, the bland diet will be best. :) Good luck and hope he feels better soon. :)

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