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Missy Zane
Missy Zane, Many years as cat sitter & rescuer
Category: Cat
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My male cat has been urinating all over the house. He knows ...

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My male cat has been urinating all over the house. He knows to use the litter box, but i am not sure why he is not. this evening I caught him urinating in the middle of the floor and repremanded him a little, and he hissed at me. He has never hissed at me before. A little while later, I picked him up to console him and he urinated on me. I do not understand why he is doing this. He has not been fixed. Does that sound like the problem? Is he just marking his "grounds" and just doing what male cats do?

How old is your cat? I think not being neutered is part of the problem. But sometimes cats urinate in very conspicuous places because they're trying to tell us something important.

Keep a very close eye on your boy. If he seems to be straining when he urinates, urinates frequently but passes very little urine each time or has blood in his urine, do not delay getting him to a vet. Those are all signs of a urinary tract infection, and a UTI can become very dangerous in male cats very quickly.

Other illnesses, like diabetes, can cause inappropriate elimination, too. But I think the first step in the solution to your boy's problem is to get him neutered.

I hope this helps. If you'd like to talk more just write back to me.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hey again.
My boy was a year on the 17th of this month. I have not noticed any blood in his urine. He just decides to squat whenever and wherever he wants to. He takes a few minutes, but he usually produces a pretty good size puddle. Is this common in unneutered cats?

Thanks for the additional information. Unneutered cats usually spray rather than squatting and urinating. I really think he needs to see a vet. If he has a urinary tract infection or if he's just starting one, his bladder will feel so uncomfortable he'll want to relieve himself wherever he happens to be, rather than going "all the way" to his box. I'm especially concerned because he urinated on you.

If it turns out that this is a behavior issue, here are some things to try.
--- Put a box in his preferred location. It's possible that he doesn't like the location of his box and would rather eliminate somewhere else. When he's using the box consistently, you can move it, inch by inch, to a location that's acceptable to both of you.
--- If your box has a hood or top on it, take it off. The hoods trap unpleasant odors that only cats can smell. Also, cats like to see an escape route from their boxes, and that's not possible if the box has a top.
--- Try giving him a box with Cat Attract litter. A lot of people have very good success with this. You can get it at any pet supply store.
--- He might prefer an empty box with no litter in it at all. Put a puppy training pad in the box to make clean-up easier for you.

I hope some of these suggestions help. If you'd like to talk more just write back to me.

I meant to send this as a request for information so you wouldn't be prompted to pay for a second answer and clicked on the wrong button. Don't pay for both answers!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hey again Missy. You are being such a big help. He has definately been squatting to pee. Is there any way that I could help him out through the weekend? is there anything over the counter I could get for him? What are the signs that I need to look for over the weekend?

There's no over the counter drug to give him. If you have an independent pet supply retailer nearby, see if they sell Tinkle Tonic or Cranberry Relief. Or they might have something similar that will sooth his bladder.

If he's straining to urinate, passes only small amounts of urine or has blood in his urine, don't delay. Take him to the vet right away. You also want to watch for other signs of illness, like lack of appetite or lethargy.

Do you feed him canned food? You could try adding some water to it to get more moisture into him. If he eats only dry, see if you can get him to eat some canned. Cats need the moisture in canned food, and that could help him now.

Let's see if I can click the right thing this time and send a request for information so you won't be prompted to pay for yet another answer!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I haven't been charged for each answer have I? If so, It was worth it you have been a huge help. I am truly concerned with him because he is a HUGE mamma's boy and has never hissed at me or urinated on me before. When he does urinate, he does urinate a good bit. I hope he will be ok.

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