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My baby Chipper Jones, is a inside/outside cat. He has ...

Customer Question

My baby Chipper Jones, is a inside/outside cat. He has not been him self since we got a Lab, we have a very large home that Chipper has the run of, but know he will only go upstaries. He is losing a lot of hair and will not eat, tonight I tried to give her tuna fish, he love it; but would not eat or drink. When I pickered him up he made a very soft winper, he has lost weight. I have felt for lumps from maybe a cat fight, but fround nothing. He is bout 4 years old, was a baby of a stray. I'm going to take him to the VET in the a.m.
Any ideas???? Very worried momma....
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 11 years ago.
Hi Camala,

I'm very glad you're going to take Chipper to the vet in the morning so you can find out for sure what's wrong and have him treated!

How long ago did you get the Lab? The symptoms you describe could be due to the stress and/or anxiety of adding another animal to the household, or they could also be due to an illness. When cats don't eat for a few days they're at risk for developing hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome) which is when your cat's body will begin to use fat for energy; since cats don't metabolize fat well, fat cells build up in the liver and eventually prevent it from functioning normally. Hepatic lipidosis is very dangerous for cats and can be life threatening if not treated immediately.

Because Chipper goes outside, it's possible that he ingested a toxic substance or did receive a wound from another cat which you can't see/feel. Is he up to date on all his vaccinations and is he neutered? Of course these are very important factors as he could contract a disease from other
cats if he's bitten/scratched and/or has sexual contact.

Some of the symptoms you describe could be those of diabetes and hyperthyroidism, although these diseases usually affect older cats.

I'm sorry Chipper seems to be in pain and I hope the vet is able to give you a definite answer tomorrow! Please keep me posted on his condition and let me know what the vet says. Thanks!

Good luck!

Cher   : )

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