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My cockatiels beak has started growing abnormally. The bottom

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My cockatiel's beak has started growing abnormally. The bottom beak keeps getting long and growing up the side. We have recently had it clipped twice, can you help. Thank you

When a bird's beak begins to grow abnormally, there is almost always an underlying health problem, such as liver or kidney disease, or the bird is being fed an improper diet. Diet is the single most important factor in keeping our birds healthy. Many people still feed a diet consisting mostly of seeds, but recent research has shown that an all-seed diet is not good for cockatiels. Pellets, supplemented with various fresh and healthy “people foods,” along with a few seeds make up a healthier diet. Birds that are fed mostly seeds tend to develop fatty liver disease, tumors, and other health conditions. However, if your bird is used to eating mostly seeds, you’ll have to convert him to pellets gradually. The following two sites are where you can get reliable information on feeding and care. The second one has a section on converting from seeds to pellets.

If you're already feeding an optimal diet, you'll need a good avian vet to do some detective work for you. X-rays and blood work will probably be necessary to figure out what is wrong. If the vet you've been seeing isn't an avian vet, I'd recoomend that you find one. Here is a directory of vets:

By scrolling down on the following page, you can read more about overgrown beaks:

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