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My husband is in a Longterm care facilities at the va in

Customer Question

Hi my husband is in a Longterm care facilities at the va in Elsmere Delaware and I need help. He is 100%servise connected. The have taken is power hair away because of safety reason he only had this new chair less then 4 weeks . No training with the chair. Now the put him in manual wheel chair that has no support for his back &headrest . Looks like a recliner chair with less then 1/2 in support. I worked very hard that my Husband always bin taken care of . I always look out what is best for him . It's bin almost 7 years and he never had a bedsore and I don't won't this to happen now. I feel like that I have to always have to fight for what ever he needs its very hard . He has a shunt and he needs a tilt & space wheel chair . I bin trying to talk to Pt& Today to the Dr and she just walked out on me like a child . Nobody wounds to talk about it . And I was even told if I don't like I their anymore to find a other facility for my Husband what I think is just unacceptable to me. Someone needs to stand up for my husband. Due you now any layer in Delaware or can I get help some where else. Thanks Carmen Gillin
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  richanne96 replied 2 years ago.
We are not allowed to refer people to specific attorneys in this forum, but there are many useful directories online and other ways to find a lawyer. You will want someone who works in the area of Elder Law. There are directories online at,, and, among others. The Delaware bar also should be able to help.