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last year in January, neighbor came into my house to look at

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last year in January, neighbor came into my house to look at something. Accidently stepped on my dog, and got bit. We offered to pay any medical, even offered to drive her to the ER. She didnt want to go. the next few weeks we kept checking up asking her if she needed anything, she said no. three months went by, she finally sent a facebook message saying that she was out of work for two weeks and was unable to pay her utility bill. So we helped pay some of it. 5 more months went by and said she lost her job, and her utilites are $800 and we need to pay it..which we didnt. heard nothing from her until now a year later. Saying we need to pay her bills. Can she take any legal actions?

How badly was she injured by the dog bite?

Do you believe that she lost her job because of these injuries?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no she did not lose her job, due to injury. she lost her job like 6 - 8 months after the incedent. She had a small gash to her nose

Under Hawaii law, you as a dog owner are not liable for any damages caused by a dog bite where the dog bit the person injured "as a proximate of being teased, tormented, or otherwise abused". Becuase your neighbor stepped on the dog, you fall under this exception, as the injury would not have happened had she not been careless and not stepped on the dog.

Accordingly, you are not liable for the injuries and she cannot rightfully ask you to pay any of her bills. You've already done much more than was required of you and now she is asking you for money to which she is in no way entitled.

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