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I am being sued for a bill from Yale New Haven Hosp. for $1995.00

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I am being sued for a bill from Yale New Haven Hosp. for $1995.00 in small claims court.
I have returned an answer paper saying I don't believe I owe this because the local emergency surgery I had was not preform to fix the absess in my throat. 2 days later I had to return to my doctor and was sent to another Doctor to have this surgery preformed a 2nd time. This fixed the problem and I paid that Doctor in full.
Do you think I will need to pay for the 1st surgery?

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Nobody should ever try to guess what a Judge's decision will be. The time would be better spent preparing a defense to Plaintiff's claim and why the bill should not be paid.

Your argument should be along the lines of the following and it should be stated as simply as I have expressed it below:

1. You went to the Emergency Room for treatment of the abcess in your throat;

2. The Emergency Room Physicians determined that surgery was necessary;

3. Their surgery was completely unsuccessful and the anticipated treatment was a failure

4. As a result of the unsuccessful attempt by the Plaintiff's Emergency Room Physicians, you were subjected to a second surgery

5. The surgery was performed by another physician whom you paid in full

6. You will be suing the Plaintiff, their Emergency Room Physicians, the Emergency Room, and other personnel for medical malpractice in a separate action. You are not interposing a CounterClaim in Small Claims Court because of the jurisdictional limit of monetary damages

That should make them think twice,


Thank you,


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