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doc4kids, Pediatrician
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I have two sons aged 5 and 3, they both have had fevers one

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I have two sons aged 5 and 3, they both have had fevers one day (lasting all day) during the week but now its just at night. It reaches up to 102-103 every night for the last 3 or 4 days. They also have a cough. My older son had diarrhea earlier this week and threw up once but those symptoms are gone now. Does this sound viral or should I make a Doctors appointment for them?

doc4kids : Hello. How can I help? If you are available for a chat, we can discuss your concern in real time. Otherwise, I can just leave you a reply.
doc4kids : I am sorry your children are not feeling well.
doc4kids : hello.




doc4kids : Any other symptoms?
doc4kids : Runny nose, red eyes, pain anywhere?

no, my older son started out with direahha maybe twice at the end of last week and threw up once. then the fever came for both of them


A small runny nose, i can hear them sniffling

doc4kids : Well, it does sound viral.


doc4kids : Although I would still ask that you stay vigilant, making a doctor appointment if either of them are having hard or fast breathing, not willing to take fluids or develop pain.

okay, they are taking fluids great but don't really want to eat


I will watch for the hard breathing or pain and make an appointment if need be

doc4kids : while fluids are important for maintaining hydration. If stools are still loose sneaking fat or additional calories into their diet will help add bulk. Liquid only diets can prolong diarrhea.
doc4kids : Milk, ice cream bread, crackers count

Is it okay to give them milk with a fever?

doc4kids : yes. There is some misinformation about this. Fever does not cause milk to "curdle"in the stomach is not true. Milk curdles in the stomach as normally occurring acid is supposed to start digesting fats.

okay great, I will try milk and crackers.

doc4kids : vomiting is not made worse with milk
doc4kids : but
doc4kids : it does, by your body's design stall out in the stomach longer. So if you feel like throwing up, there may yet be milk remaining in the stomach. Clear liquids are moved through the stomach faster. Illness also generally slows transit time so this affect may be amplified.

oh I see, thanks that makes since.


You have been very helpful thank you!

doc4kids : Excellent, thanks for using JustAnswer.
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