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My 4yr old son has been vomiting on and off for a week nowand

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My 4yr old son has been vomiting on and off for a week nowand no bowel movment, but was on a bland diet. He had a slight fever of 101F on the 9/21. Vomited once on 9/22 but no fever. Ok the following day vomited on 9/24 and was dehydrated. Took him to the ER and was given 580cc of IV, and blood test was fine. Continued to vomit till 9/28. 9/28 Took him to the ER yet again and he was given an stomach Xray and some sort of rectal solution to make him poop. 9/29 vomited once today and was still on a bland diet with pedialite.

What may be wrong and what should we do?

Thank you for your question.

I am Dr. Su S. and I will try my best to help you.

Is there any nausea, abdominal pain?

How is urine?

Do you know in details of blood test?

How is his eye, urine color?

Hello again,

I just noticed that you have gone offline.

I am writing the answer.

If you have any question after reading this answer, please feel free for follow up query.

Vomiting can occur from a few causes.

Common causes are an infection, indigestion.

As he had fever initially, there can be a viral illness.

Though viral illness recover within a few days, sometimes it can be prolonged.

Gastritis, reflux, hepatitis etc. can be associated with it.

Along with bland diet, Antacid or Ranitidine can be tried for a few days. They can help in gastritis.

Non abdomen issues like urine infection, ear issues, abdominal migraine etc. can also cause vomiting.

I think his pediatrician did not find any sign for those.

Other tests like urine analysis, blood metabolic panel can be considered, if those were not taken earlier or if his doctor thinks necessary.

If no apparent cause is there then it can be cyclical vomiting where the cause is not clear.

Some triggers like cold, allergy, weather change, food like cheese, chocolate or overeating, physical stress etc. can precipitate the symptoms.

But he is on bland diet diet for a few days.

Please try to look for any such triggers.

If the symptom continues, you can take a consultation with a pediatric gastroenterologist too.

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Wish his healthy life.

Warm Regards.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What type of allergens may cause vomiting?

The cause of allergy is often not apparent.

Usually food allergy can cause nausea, vomiting.

Though his symptoms can be due to viral illness, still try to find out whether any new food is related to his symptoms.
Dr. Su S. and other Pediatrics Specialists are ready to help you

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