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Dr. Gupta
Dr. Gupta , Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  MD, practicing Pediatrician with 19 years of experience. Member American Academy of Pediatrics.
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my son is not drinking enough water. what can we do.

Resolved Question:

my son is not drinking enough water. what can we do.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  doc4kids replied 3 years ago.

doc4kids : Hello. How can I help? If you are available for a chat, we can discuss your concern in real time. Otherwise, I can just leave you a reply.
doc4kids : This question is quite common and there is a lot of misinformation out there about this. Despite the common misconception, there is no need to supplement your baby's diet with extra water. There is a significant amount of water in formula or breast milk. Many parents enjoy starting solids before 1 year but this too is not necessary. They can get full nutrition again from breast milk or formula. While 10 months you probably could provide some water and certainly providing some solids is ok. There is a danger in providing to much free water in that it can overwhelm your infant's ability to get rid of it, diluting the blood potentially causing seizure or death.
doc4kids : i don't say this to concern you to not provide any water, rather to provide it in moderation and to know it is not necessary. If you wish to offer additional hydration, offer another feeding of formula or breast milk.
doc4kids : I know this is likely not the answer you were expecting. I would be happy to follow with additional information, should you have additional questions or concerns.

my son has a bit of dark circles under his eyes. I was told this could be caused either from a cold/upper respiratory infection OR dehydration. my son does not have a cold and shows no symptoms of being sick. so that leaves dehydration.

doc4kids : Dark circles would be an unusual sign of dehydration alone. Does he have any other signs consistent with that ? Fast heart rate? Mottled skin? Decreased urine output?
doc4kids : But again, giving him more formula or breast milk should assist with that anyway.
doc4kids : It appears you may have steeped out. I will check back for your reply.
doc4kids : Stepped, sorry about the typo.

he has none of the symptoms you mentioned. we have been feeding him formuka. so what could be sone reasons for the dark circles.

Expert:  Dr. Gupta replied 2 years ago.
Hello & welcome!

If you have any questions after reading my answer, be sure to let me know.
Talking about the dark circles FIRST
I would like to suggest that a more common reason at 10 months age would be Eye Allergies as a cause of the dark circles
This is especially important if the baby has a tendency of rubbing the eyes.
I would recommend an eye check up for the same.
Other causes of dark circles include low hemoglobin, vitamin deficiencies, lack of proper sleep, & sometimes these may be hereditary too,
Share your concerns with your pediatrician and discuss all these possibilities,
Eye examination and blood testing may be able to pin point the exact cause of these dark circles,
Coming to the lack of adequate water ....
I would recommend any other non carbonated beverage like a little bit of juice, lime water, coconut water, and fruits that have a high water content (melon, watermelon etc.)
Warm regards
Dr Gupta
Dr. Gupta, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 7889
Experience: MD, practicing Pediatrician with 19 years of experience. Member American Academy of Pediatrics.
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