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My 10 year old daughter has been complaining of dizziness.

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My 10 year old daughter has been complaining of dizziness. She just went in for a well child check up while this was occuring. The dr. noticed no infection or ear was build up, but there was a hearing loss noted in the left ear when tested and her vision tested 20/50. Tonight she was so dizzy she could not sit up. No fainting or confusion though. She complains of a headache but no neck pain. She does complain of a very sore throat.

I know that it is frustrating for your child to come down with an illness 6 hours after you were there for a check up. It sounds like she is coming down with strep throat.

It has been brewing for few days and now has symptoms,she didnt catch it at the office today.


She will need to go back to the pediatrician either tomorrow or friday, for a strep test. Encourage her to drink alot of fluids, she can take tylenol or motrin for the headache, and potential fever that may develop.


Just make sure that she can move her neck in all directions and the headache is not severe - i dont think that she has meningitis - just confirm though and make sure she does not have a stiff neck or rash on lower legs that looks purple. Strep can cause a red bumpy rash on chest/abdomen


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay, so do we treat the whole family for this? Do I wait till symptioms progress further to make sure the test is as accurate as possible and does she go to school tomorrow if no fever. She is saying her throat doesn't hurt that bad, but would I notice certain signs in the back of the throat?

you can try to take a flashlight and look to see if the back of her throat is really red, but even if it isnt, she still should have a throat culture. I cant tell you to keep her home tomorrow if she has no fever, but that is honestly why strep goes through entire classrooms as kids are sent to school before it gets "that bad". If you take her tomorrow, and the rapid culture is negative because "it is too soon" the general culture that they send out should pick it up. you can wait to take her until friday and the rapid strep will be more accurate.

Even if her throat is "not that bad", it still can be strep. Strep will actually go away in several days if not treated, but then can potentially have devastating effects on the heart and kidneys if left untreated after 10 days. You dont have to rush there now, but you can leave this without checking it out by the weekend as untreated strep is dangerous. Sore throats are one of those illnesses that you have to take your children to the doctor even if you dont think that they are "that sick"


I hope that this information has been helpful. Please reply with any further questions


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi, one question did not get we treat the entire family?

no only if you have symptoms than that person needs a throat culture and if it is positive then need antibiotics.

do not treat preventively.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi. I just logged in for a computer question. I saw that a previous medical question that I had already accepted and paid for came up needing acceptance. I don't know how to fix this as I had already paid for this question,and I don't want to look like a dead beat on this site :). Any response is appreciated.




Gwen Knowlton

It states that because you asked another question following the payment of the first question. Dont worry about. You do not have to pay again for this question.
Happy holidays and have a great year.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You do the same and thanks again!Laughing