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Dr. A. Clark
Dr. A. Clark, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  33 years of experience as a general pediatrician in private practice and in pediatric urgent care.
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is it normal for a 10 year old girl to masturbate quite often

Customer Question

is it normal for a 10 year old girl to masturbate quite often? Could this be an indication os some kind of abuse she may have been exposed to or am I panicking and jumping to conclusions? lease hel me find an answer!!!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr. A. Clark replied 7 years ago.
If she is otherwise normal developmentally, socially, etc and there have been no emotional problems lately and you don't suspect anyone has been inappropriate with her then you don't need to worry. Most kids go through a period of selfexploration and masturbation and you want to not over-react to it, but just talk to her about not doing it in front of others. Tell her instead that she should go to some place private so that others are not uncomfortable with her doing that in front of them. That way she knows that her body is not bad or that what she is doing is bad but like using the restroom, bathing, etc it is just something that is not done in front of other people.

She will lose her fascination with it and move on to other things as she enters puberty but of course it is a pretty normal thing in everybody so you just don't want her to feel guilty about it.

If you feel that she is having any emotional upset or that someone may have been inappropriate with her then I would have a counselor (female) talk to her to make sure she is ok.