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gupta amit
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My 10 yr old son has small red spots on his back, stomach,

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My 10 yr old son has small red spots on his back, stomach, very few on his arm, neckline, and legs and he has had a cough last week and complained of a minor sore throat. What do you think he could have?

hi well may i ask does the red spots itch?

Can you decribe the red spots is it flat or raised/ pinprick size or bigger?

Has your child received all vaccinations on time?

Have your child been for a holiday to a different country recently?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes, the spots itch but not to the point of irritating his so badly.

His spots are larger than a pinprick size and some have like a little white in them and some have a red scab on them as though he has itched them already.

Our son has received all his vaccines except the one for varicella as our dr. told us it was optional.

Our son has not been to a different country. He is complaining of a headache behind his eyes but this can be from a fall he had on some ice at our home and hit his head the day I discovered the spots. When can other kids be around him if what he has is contagious?

hi well thanks for the input. Well i think with sore throat and red rash and fever one possibility is scarlet fever.It is due to streptococal throat infection and is contagious and other possibility is varicella but the rash is not typical of varicella. I feel he should get evaluated for the correct diagnosis and if scarlet fever then antibiotics can be started.

For fever you can give tylenol. and for itch can give benadryl for the time being.

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