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Dr.Jason,MD-OB/GYN, Doctor
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  Primary Care Doctor . Board Certified 12 years, OB/GYN
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My four year old has body odor... is this normal Should

Customer Question

My four year old has body odor...   is this normal? Should I be worried? this also occurred when he was an infant. thanks :)
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr.Jason,MD-OB/GYN replied 8 years ago.

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There are many different possibilities as to why your child may have body odor. First, the simple suggestions are certain foods they eat can cause odor. Next, if your child drinks milk often, the hormones added to cow's milk may produce a body odor. Organic milk is suggested as a fix to this problem. Sometimes parasites are responsible for body odor in children. Your doctor will want to run tests to determine if there is a parasite such as pinworms, and if so , a simple medication will be prescribed. Other possibilities include genetic, and metabolic disorders. There is a rare metabolic disorder where a child may not be able to break down enzymes from certain chemicals in the body, and this will cause body odor. Also, sometimes metal toxins can cause body odor. Even another possibility is that your child has hyperactive sweat glands, and the excess sweating can lead to body odor. As you can see, there are many different possible options, so it is likely your doctor will want to run many tests on your child. If needed , you may be referred to a specialist in genetic, and metabolic disorders. Please set up an appointment with the pediatrician. Also, try not to bathe before his appointment, as this may mask the odor, and the doctor needs to be able to smell the odor.

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