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My 6 year old step son vomits every morning as ...

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My 6 year old step son vomits every morning as soon as he wakes up and act like he is gagging himself during the day when he is told to eat. It has become a serious issue. I don''t know what is wrong. Have thought about ulcers???? Don't know.

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Does your step son have any medical problems you are aware of? When the child vomits in the mornings, is it phlegm like. Is it clear or colored. Does the child seem congested? (chest and nose). Is he hungry and just cannot eat, or does he simply just not want to eat? How long has this been going on? Is he on any medications?

Please describe in as much detail as possible. Thank you

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Dr.Jason,MD-OB/GYN's Post: He is not on any medications. He took allergy medicine up untill he was 3. But has not had any other allergy issues since. The mornings he may vomit from 1-3 times. It seems to be clear'ish and somewhat aciddy looking. His eating habits have varried. It started with him seeing something he didn't think he would like and start vomitting now he just will act as if he is gagging and vomit even if it is his favorite food to eat. He has never been a child to let anyone know when he is hungry. When we ask why he vomits he replies that his tummy just started hurting. Not sure if this is related, but he seems to have a rather large tongue for his mouth. When he eats, he eats baby bites and takes forever to chew. He always has his mouth open to breath. Wondering if his tongue could be causing the issue. His mother states she beleives it is stressed related. It does come and go and is not consistant. May happen for 4-5 days straight and not again for a week. Been going on for approximently 3 months. We have informed his mother and she says she will take him to the doctor but never has.

Thank you for the info, however, i need some additional info to be able to give you the best possible answer.

Does the child's tongue seem to be swollen ? Does he seem stopped up, or congested often? Does the child seem to be growing normally? Does the child have trouble when drinking as well, or just when eating? Is this something he does only at your house, or does the mother have the same issues with him? What was the child on allergy medication for?

Thanks for your patience, I await your response.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
His tongue does not seem to be swollen. Just rather large for his mouth. When he opens his mouth and does not stick out his tongueit seems rather bunched up. He is growing normally. He drinks alot when he is eating his meal. A drink with every bite. He rarely asks for things to drink through out the day unless we have been outside playing. He seems to do it more at our house from what I gathe from his mother. She is not always the most honest person with us. We do offer more food variations at our house. Complete meals with 2-3 vegitables per meal. He is primaraly a fast food eater with his mother. Not real sure why he was on allergy meds. He had a runny nose when he was little and the meds she put him on actually stopped him up so bad that he would have his nose blocked off with severe dry snot. I know all of this seems like a lot going on but it has really sits heavy on my heart. I am juggling around if he should go in for a complete check up. Thans a million.
You are welcome, and I will try to assist you to the best of my knowledge. This may be difficult without seeing your child, and running labs on him myself etc. I do feel that a check up for this child would be a good thing. If the mother has not taken him for awhile, you and his father are doing the right thing if you choose to do so. This would help determine if this is a physical illness causing this, or mental. I am leaning more towards this being something mental with this child, (not a mental illness). If he is used to eating fast food, and not good home prepared meals, then maybe this gagging at meal time is the childs way to get out of eating. I am sure he does not get vegetables often in his fast food. It is possible that the child has realized if he gags, he will not have to eat anymore. He may have discovered this at one point when he actually was sick, and remembered, and is now using this to get out of eating. Some children go through a phase where they do not want to eat anymore, there may be just too much else going on. I am however concerned with his vomiting in the morning. He may have excessive phlegm produced while he is sleeping, and this could be due to allergies, or even conditions such as asthma. I am wondering if the child should still be on allergy medications, but maybe something different that will not cause him to be severely stopped up. This is also the reason I asked if his tongue seemed swollen. A swollen tongue may be a sign of allergies as well. Furthermore, problems with the tongue can be a sign of anemia in children. This being said is another reason why a full check up would be a wonderful idea! Please let me know if you have any further concerns. Thank you
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