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Category: Parenting
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Experience:  I have a Master's In Marriage and Family Therapy, and have been in the field for 4 years.
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This isnt exactly about the dog but I have a child who is

Customer Question

This isn't exactly about the dog but I have a child who is in charge of feeding and watering our dogs at night. His brother helps on nights he is home but that's not often so it falls totally on the one son. He LOVES his dogs and plays with them the most. They are his comfort so he would never do anything to hurt nor harm them. He does have a habit of forgetting to fill up their water buckets after feeding. I'm out of ideas of a punishment that might help him to remember next time that he is indeed hurting the dogs by forgetting even though I know he would never want to do so. I would appreciate any help!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  SREED177 replied 4 years ago.
How about you can try to make feeding the dog apart of the routine. If you have a chore chart, or you can make a chore chart and you can put give the dog water on it. Put the chart that this somewhere visible that the child can see it. If the child is feeding the dog, you can put a sign there to remind the child to then fill up the water so that they do not forget or somewhere that the child is sure to see it (i.e their bedroom door). Have the child put checks on the chart every time they remember. Now instead of punishing the child for not giving the dog water. Try rewarding the child for giving the dog water. Meaning that if the child remembers all week to give the dog water all the time, then he gets a reward. The reward. You can even have the child chose what they want the reward to be. Sometimes giving a reward over punishment, will assist in getting the child to do what you want. And by having something tangible as the chart, the child can see how close they are to the reward which would remind them to do the act everyday.