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earthsister, Parent
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Home Child Care Provider, and mother of 4; two pre-teen boys and twin baby girls.
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Hi. My son and his cousin were shooting a bb gun at the back

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Hi. My son and his cousin were shooting a bb gun at the back of some acreage, they are 6 and 7 years old. The adult with them left them completely alone and went to get more bb's. While he was gone, the two boys decided to shoot bb's at an RV window that is on the property. They shot 6 times and the window has to be replaced, of course.

When the adult got back and saw what they did, they came and told me about it. I disciplined my son and out him in time out. My father in law, who owns the RV, stated that my son should also be available to help clean up the mess and contribute some of his own money towards the window replacement as a lesson in responsibiity and accountability. Even if it is just 10.00. My father in law was upset that the kids had been left alone without knowing how to handle the bb gun appropriately. ( after the time out, my son and his cousin went to a skating party for my neice.) My father is law said he should not be able to skate at the party after blasting a window a few hours earlier.

Do you agree with this advice from my father in law? My grandson deeply loves his PAPA and he is a good man. I thought a little discipline was enough. Thank you.

earthsister :

Hello, I would like to assist you today.

earthsister :

Who was the one who left a six and seven year old alone with a B B Gun?

earthsister :

I think that the problem is that your son and his cousin were put in an adult situation by an adult (which should not have happened), seeing that 6 and 7 year olds are not the most self-controlled; this should not have happened (I am not even sure if a 6 and 7 year old should be shooting a BB Gun, even with adult supervision). I do agree that your son should be told that this is not the way to use a BB Gun, and that yes he should help clean, and possibly contribute some money; but giving him the full blame for what happened, and keeping him from the skating party of his cousin's, I think is a bit too harsh. The adult who left these children unsupervised with a BB gun should really be the one who takes responsibility.

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